• janetstoneyogaPrior to YOGA grabbing me and pulling me into its all-consuming embrace, I was in the film industry for nearly a dozen years; working on everything from award winning documentaries, working at Castle Rock Entertainment during the Seinfeld years, on Off-Broadway shows, films (both good ones and not-so-good ones) making short films and traveling the festival circuit, writing and selling pilot scripts to 20th Century Fox, working with James L. Brooks during the height of The Simpsons, and so on, and the funniest man I met in all of these adventures was, by far, Larry David. I worked on #curbyourenthusiasm in its first seasons as talent coordinator (whatever that means) and occasionally would end up in a scene as "filler."
    A friend just sent me this and it captures one of those moments where my sister happen to be in town and was visiting me "on-set" and ended up in this scene, talking without making noise.
    So many lives in a life.
    @hbo #background #mondaymemories

  • mayrascope_gyrogaetocopterThat's so cool!
  • begood_dogoodI had no idea
  • oestaranewmoonWhat a great share! I spent time on set too as a wee one- growing up in holloyweird and all with my uncle on Rhoda and such
  • martus1I thought that looked like your sister!
  • josephine_lorelleLove this🙌 and it looks such a serious conversation.
  • janetstoneyoga@josephine_lorelle Yes, serious and yet no words actually coming out 😉
  • janetstoneyoga@oestaranewmoon Rhoda? Amazing
  • janetstoneyoga@martus1 she's pretty distinct, that sister of mine.
  • martus1@janetstoneyoga Gotta love those Stone sisters!
  • griff_jSo awesome!!
  • cara_levine!!
  • oestaranewmoon@janetstoneyoga yes- David Groh was my uncle so I was pretty young. Later I went with him to General Hospital (this is @faern btw's just in case 🙊🙈)
  • bjnherrinWoman of so many talents
  • peterwaltersyogaLarry D was my neighbor on Martha's Vineyard! A sweet character of a man
  • ashleywchandler❤️ this!! So many lives in a life 🙌🏻
  • _g_o_l_d_i💥
  • chriscorbett001A yogini with many talents!
  • brucechungyogaI love Larry David!
  • lovelife2860@janetstoneyoga I came to Larry David very late , one of my kids said , you gotta check this show out , it's great comedy , I'm even more impressed now you were in it .. 🤓
  • janetstoneyoga@ashleywchandler right?!
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