• theslowmeltFor centuries, chocolate has been called an aphrodisiac. The Aztec emperor Montezuma is alleged to have consumed a chocolate-based beverage to enhance his virility - while French courtesan and revolutionary Madame du Barry is said to have mixed chocolate with amber to stimulate her many lovers. And then there’s Italian charmer Giacomo Casanova - he called chocolate “the elixir of love.” This week we are delighted to celebrate love with @projet_chocolat. We asked founder Sophia Contreras Rea to share her insights on the role chocolate has played in romance throughout the ages. She'll be weighing in all week as we lead up to the "Be Still, My Heart" episode of The Slow Melt, launching this Friday.
    For more on Projet Chocolat, head to www.projetchocolat.com.

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  • cacaoartLove the vintage look of @projetchocolat! Congrats on the podcast
  • theslowmelt@cacaoart thank you and we love @projetchocolat, too!
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