I need to go see the @saveagato cats of El Paseo del Morro again. 🐱#puertorico #oldsanjuan #sanjuan #saveagato #gato #gatos #cat
  • kellypelozaI need to go see the @saveagato cats of El Paseo del Morro again. 🐱#puertorico #oldsanjuan #sanjuan #saveagato #gato #gatos #cat

  • gravelgirtyI'm heading to San Juan in a few weeks! Any vegan/animal-friendly recommendations?
  • kellypeloza@gravelgirty Ocean Park Cafe was delicious and less pricy (there's a dish that's half a giant avocado filled with curried veggies, and you get two sides.) El Punto Vegano - super flavorful and the people there were friendly. Most OSJ restaurants advertise vegan options. I'll be trying Cocobana and Caficultura too.. Traditional PR food contains a lot of pork (ham in the rice and beans, chicharrón in the mofongo) but lots of tourist spots will have vegan versions of these dishes or you can ask for a custom meat free dish. If you speak Spanish it'll help a lot to find out if there's pork in a certain dish at the less touristy spots. Check out the Saturday market Mercado Agrícola Natural!
  • kellypeloza@gravelgirty and Barrachina (the birthplace of the piña colada) has a vegan menu.
  • gravelgirty@kellypeloza Thank you!! ❤
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