• reeseypeasyTagaytay ArtBeat was amazing! People stayed from 12pm up until 4:30 am the next day! It was simply unbelievable! Playing music with my friends makes me happy & we're all so grateful seeing your support for indie music! 🎶
    Big thanks to everyone who watched my set, bought my merch, or said hello at Tagaytay Art Beat! You found me! (Get it? 😜) Shoutout to @gabbasantiago and @gogogroove for backing me up beautifully! 😘💯
    📷 Photo by @cosmicmells 🙌

  • jettethehuman😍😍😍😍
  • _daguerreotype_I missed it! 😩
  • harvzcruz😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • julesygee_Push Back tears talaga ako nung nakita kita @reesypeasy huhuhu 😆 hihihi you're so cute! I love everything about you! Became a fan last year lang! Sayang di ako nakapagpapicture sa artbeat huhuhu *hikbi* 😞 anyways, Rooting forward to your next album! I like your collab with tandem '91.. Medyo upbeat & groovy feels yung song! Thank you for being my inspiration! The fans will support you all the waaaay! 💕💕💕 we love yah! #fangirlinggoals 💛💙💜💚🙋👭
  • x.nikki.iiYou look stunning @reeseypeasy
  • emillouiseeYou're so great, Reese! 😍😍
  • aliciabrcmnteAte Reese, what guitar unit are you using? 🎸😍
  • martinafirme❤(ӦvӦ。)
  • jyalongEhhhhhhh ang ganda mo talagaaaa 😍
  • david.guangkoWanderland!!
  • sheenaxxvSo pretty.
  • bautistanikka😍😍😍😍😭
  • exoculisKahit sobrang lamig sa tagaytay, natunaw puso ko nung set mo. Huhu.
  • marylynkaye💖💖💖
  • janrosantos❤❤❤
  • totes_totesYou have amazing feed. you are amazing!
  • macakevinHeard u at play fm right now! Damn ur good. new fave local artist 😊❤ @reeseypeasy
  • shvmxxNice guitaaar 💕
  • cr8ton_g@reeseypeasy You're giving the most adorable and cute interview on 99.5 ATM 😁 That whole spiel on Taylor... Haha 😁 Love your songs, particularly Grammar Nazi. Totally relate!
  • katikatokateRock on, @reeseypeasy ! Wooh!
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