I pretty much stitched through Super Bowl until it was time for me to sing and dance with Lady Gaga!
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  • yardgrl60I pretty much stitched through Super Bowl until it was time for me to sing and dance with Lady Gaga!
    #showmethemoda #modafabrics #superbowl #linenandthreads #linenandthreadssamplersal2017 #crossstitch #crossstitchersofinstagram #needleandthread #needlework #aurifil #aurifloss #threadmatters #figtreeandco #figtreequilts @linenandthreads

  • yardgrl60@beckylac61 I judged the game by the groans and sounds in the house!! lol I didn't even have to look up!! Lol
  • yardgrl60@marielouiseotte 😘❤😘
  • yardgrl60@clairebearquilts thank you!
  • yardgrl60@ivory_spring I really wanted to keep this traditional for some reason and not go crazy colors like I normally do...blue was my next choice!!
  • ivory_spring@yardgrl60 It is soooooo pretty with the color you have chosen. I am wanting to start a collection of reds... So that's why I am thinking about red.
  • aqua_paisleyBeautiful!!
  • 7lucypThanks so much @yardgrl60 ! what are the dimensions of your fabric? Every time I figure on the website calculator it seems the fabric needed is soooo big. I did change to inches. Is your fabric 40 x 26. I'm such a newbe!
  • yardgrl60I know how you feel! I cut my fabric 18x32. That gives me 3" on either side. @7lucyp when you do your math use the final design size and THEN add your 6". If you are working over 2 don't forget to divide that by 2 also into your count!! Tell me what count you are using? Maybe that will help!
  • 7lucypAgain, thank you so much for your time. I used the needlework stitch calculator on the Linen and Threads website. I filled out the form with 467 for the design height, 205 for design width in stitches, 28 for 28 ct linen, and clicked the 2 over 2 linen circle. It then calculated the I would need a 46 x 27 fabric piece. Not sure how much extra allowance has been built into the calculation.
  • yardgrl60So @7lucyp here's how I figured it. 28 ct divided by 2. Now take that amount into the 205 and it comes to 14.64. That's the amount you then add 6" too for the side borders. The length is 14 into 467 = 33.35 and then add 6 for top and bottom borders. I would cut your linen 21 x 40. (I round up). To start the stitching you now can find the center and go down 3" and find the center on your chart at the top and start working away. Good luck!
  • 7lucypGreat! Love the calculations that I can keep and use for other projects! My fabric isn't long enough but I'll order more and theeeen I can start. You're my hero.
  • yardgrl60Awwww!!! @7lucyp anything to make the process simpler!! Enjoy!
  • nanajudydYou do such beautiful work❤️
  • tdwovertonBeautiful color. The only thing that's keeping me from starting this is the 35 other WIPs I have going. LOL I did finally decide on a color, however.
  • linenandthreads@7lucyp If you change to inches using the calculator don't forget to change the framing allowance to 3 (or however much you kukr☺)
  • linenandthreads@linenandthreads oops should have been "like"
  • linenandthreadsI was stitching during the Super Bowl too. Luckily it was Monday morning Australian time. But I am a Patriots fan so needless to say no stitching was done in the last quarter 😂
  • yardgrl60Ha!! @linenandthreads I hung out more for the halftime show and the dip and chips!!
  • linenandthreads@yardgrl60 the halftime show was amazing!!!
  • 7lucypThanks so much @linenandthreads I'll remember that when I use it again. I'm so excited to begin this SAL. Everybody's are so different and so pretty. Lots of inspiration.
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