dear hair, please be like this every day. love, ar 😽
  • alexraye_aedear hair, please be like this every day. love, ar 😽

  • stutidewanHow did u do this @alexraye_ae 😍
  • alexraye_ae@stutidewan - flexi-rods! i got them off amazon. they've been great for me for no-heat curls, even when my hair was long 😘
  • mylucitedreamsThose waves!
  • _ash_lea_Flexi rods make my thin hair way curlier than I'd like it to be. 😕 I still haven't found a heatless way to get loose curls/waves like this. But my hair hold any type of curl really well... so I guess I just need to practice different ways so I can master the perfect curl. 😂
  • megcpeckWhat is your hair wash routine?
  • alexraye_ae@_ash_lea_ ahh :/ i wish i was good with hairdo things so i could try to help... i'm lucky to even get these waves lol. anyone?
  • alexraye_ae@megcpeck - hey! i'm currently co-washing once a week with the "intensive conditioner" (in a small plastic jar) from @calianatural . a little goes a long way with it... it cleans & moisturizes my scalp without stripping oils from my hair or weighing it down. that's it for my washing routine!
  • pamllllaIt's so pretty and full of shine!
  • alexraye_ae@pamlllla 😘 😘
  • kapuluancoconut💛
  • tgiulianiBeautiful
  • alexraye_ae@tgiuliani 😘
  • oflittlesandlife@alexraye_ae Hi!! Wondering what you recommend to cover grays. I am a light brown naturally. SO over dying my hair with chemicals! 🙈
  • alexraye_ae@oflittlesandlife hey! i love black walnut hulls to dye hair brown, but i'm unsure of its gray coverage. my blog has the recipe with reader comments... hopefully it helps!
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