It's taken me the better part of my life to realize that being "sensitive" is not a bad thing (and that when most people say "you're being sensitive" they really mean to say "over-sensitive".) For me it's always meant that the lows carry that much more weight. But it has also meant that the highs have that much more loft. I used to I aspire for a life a whole lot more even-keeled than the one I've always seem to live (and continue to). I'm slowly learning that by  embracing these highs and lows, instead of fighting for some sort of middle ground, I in fact might be accomplishing this thing we call "living". And that by truly living, allowing myself to feel unsettled by all of the downward pulls and upward swings, that my rocking chair days may be filled with more memory and less regret. #allthefeels #itoldyouiwassensitive #imsappyandproudofit
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