#EXU fans came out in FORCE at the AAA Great Vacations Expo in #Ohio. You guys rock!
  • gatesygram#EXU fans came out in FORCE at the AAA Great Vacations Expo in #Ohio. You guys rock!

  • aprilsmitty1I loved seeing u @gatesygram
  • shilohhollowStumbled across #EXU a few weeks ago and now I'm addicted. Love the show!
  • prcichoski@gatesygram You gave a great talk! We didn't get a chance to meet you at your table (we were a couple of the last 40 people who didn't make the cut), but it was still a great experience! Please come back soon (or better yet, come to Michigan where I'm from)!
  • poopmodsv@gatesygram Love your show Expedition Unknown. Such fun and educational adventure. Thanks so much. And keep up the good work.
  • deansmyguyHello josh I love your show
  • twinmurphsmomYour show is amazing @gatesygram I have always been passionate about archeological and crypto zoology but have never been able to go with it. I DO have a bucket list, which includes a lot of the places you have traveled, on all of your shows. I've been following you from the beginning..from Stranded, Ghost Hunters, Destination Truth, Expedition Unknown, etc. I'm a huge fan, as you can see 😆 My first stop will be Central/South America. Thanks for the inspiration.
  • sarahhhlizz@gatesygram it was so great being able to meet you and hear you speak, you've inspired me to be brave and try new things! I've been a fan a long time, thank you for what you do! 🌎❤☺
  • maymamannAre you ever comming to Tennessee?
  • darkhryo_ytLol thats my name
  • sjainvtLove, love, love you! Please write another book! Please keep doing the show!
  • uandermachadopmu😍
  • emeachamdancerWe enjoyed your talk! 😬
  • lets_travel_checkinAwesome
  • camping_wild_lifeAw nice
  • trav3ltheworldThis is cool :)
  • ohhannahkayeYes!! I'm obsessed with your show!!!
  • eoineatsNice
  • dreambigkevin💪
  • por_ti_volareWatching right now
  • mea.matthewGates 😇
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