When you need an illusion of control 😂 #organizedlegos #typeAsunite
  • leahcolbeckWhen you need an illusion of control 😂 #organizedlegos #typeAsunite

  • tarynpenningOmg yessss 😂
  • jodie___mOh gosh this is beautiful. I should pm you Leo's lego 😬
  • jodie___mI tried to organize our Lego by color and forgot that Leo is colorblind 😫 #momfail
  • claireziprickthis is a good idea. Our piano top full of lego drives me crazy, and I'm not even type a.
  • leahcolbeck@jodie_m yes I guess that wouldn't last long then oh that gave me a little chuckle. Are you just one big bin family then? This is the system Liam prefers he may be just a bit like me but the shelving unit is new and I'm in love with it! @claireziprick its from Costco and I picked it because I didn't want solid shelves that collect dust.
  • sherridawn13This post makes me smile.
  • eyrehead@leahcolbeck . Love this. I think I'll work towards something like this for the next round of birthdays. The all in one (or 3) lego bin is limiting play opportunities here.
  • jodie___m@leahcolbeck that shelving unit is so great! It is tough to find room to display the creations without impacting other storage-so a dedicated space is 👌Yeah ours is all in small bins not organized in any fashion and it is perpetually messy. 😩
  • jodie___mI seriously find it soothing and rewarding looking at this photo 😂
  • carolcolbeckI like the clothesline of art.😊
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