It's taken me awhile to pinpoint why this photo makes me a bit teary-eyed. At first glance it's adorable and full of joy! A fun father son moment. I've come to realize I see my husband and our boys future in this photo. 
See this awesome family is a military family and Dad has been stationed overseas alone this year. He came home for the holidays and we managed to squeeze in this family session. With David planning to stay in the military for awhile we both know there will beat least 1-2 deployments that our boys will go through. 
So when I look at the happiness on this boy's face at being with his dad after being apart I see my future. It's not wrong or bad it's just military life. The reunions are the best and that anticipation keeps you going! Happily these guys will all be reunited this year as they figure out their next chapter at their new duty station!

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