Donald Fuckin' Trump, Damian (19) - (South Carolina) #washingtondc #voter #2017 #makeamericagreatagain #firsttimevoter #trump #reportage #inauguration #j20 #portrait
  • rhiannon_adamDonald Fuckin' Trump, Damian (19) - (South Carolina) #washingtondc #voter #2017 #makeamericagreatagain #firsttimevoter #trump #reportage #inauguration #j20 #portrait

  • rhiannon_adam@campbellcari totally bizarre... I can't either... and thank you my ❤️
  • hpolleyphotographyThat is sad @rhiannon_adam
  • rhiannon_adam@hpolleyphotography two minutes after I took this a mixed race guy with two black friends were walking past and were like "does that t-shirt mean you support Trump?" and entered into a whole thing about how it was disrespectful to his color to vote that way... Damien tried to hold his own and it turned into him being called a coconut etc... I kinda felt bad for him, but I did also hope it made him think...
  • johndiglesias@rhiannon_adam I hope so too. And i believe they will. I'm proud to say I have always participated and will continue to do so, especially to remove this man from office.
  • dannyboy_80Trump all the way, can't wait to give him my vote again in 2020, and no I'm not white. Nothing disrespectful about voting for Trump.
  • rhiannon_adam@dannyboy_80 we can agree to disagree. I still don't understand why anyone would support Trump after these first few weeks, and his history of bias against black people in his own properties, etc. Asides from the fact that statement seems a little too sure that he won't screw everything up completely by 2020... that seems a bit of a blind vote? Three weeks in and you know already how you want 8 years to go?
  • dannyboy_80He's doing everything he said he would. He has done nothing against blacks, you should try reading unbiased sources. Americans are happy, but those that control the media and make the most noise aren't. Don't be fooled by all the celebrities, the late night TV shows, or kids on college campuses. The majority stand with Trump. I'm Hispanic and I stand with him.
  • rhiannon_adam@dannyboy_80 I'm not. I would suggest you read some unbiased sources too - what do you read if you don't mind me asking? He does have a broad history of discrimination against blacks - reported and documented decades before he food for president. You can look it up. It's not media spin. Americans are not happy - that's a broad statement. *some* Americans are happy, many millions of other are most definitely not happy. Believe it or not, I care less for celebrity or late night talk shows than the president does (he seems overwhelmingly bothered by these things). The nephrite do not stand with Trump. If you are Hispanic, again - if you don't mind me asking - how do you feel about the "wall". In his campaign he said Mexico were going to pay for it (they have said they won't), so is that keeping a campaign promise? What about separation between church and state? What about this crazy ban (Trump called it a ban himself)... what about Betsy De Vos? What about Steve Bannon? What about "alternative facts" and making up massacres that didn't happen a la Kellyanne Conway? Can you really tell me that all of that is ok?
  • rhiannon_adam@dannyboy_80 ^stood for president. Sorry iPhone typing.
  • dannyboy_80He won in over 85% of our counties, yes America loves him. I don't care who pays for the wall, we need a wall. There are millions of people here illegally. Everyone in my family has been hit by one in their car and they never have insurance or a license to drive. YouTube my city "Huntington Park" and see that they come here and wave foreign flags, they don't embrace this country. If I refer myself as an American, they call me a sellout. They use our resources. They can call Trump a racist all they want but he's putting Americans first. I'm fine with his appointees, Conway slipped up, and the only alternative fact is when people say Trump isn't their President. All I care about is that the guy does what he said he will, and so far he's doing it.
  • dannyboy_80Obama raised our deficit by almost 10 trillion dollars. That's a billion 10,000 times. The wall will cost a fraction of that, 12 to 15 billion. Liberals are crying about who pays for the wall, but they didn't cry seeing our national debt go up.
  • rhiannon_adam@dannyboy_80 I wish Trump supporters would quite with this "liberals crying" business... it's not about that and never has been. Liberals believe in things being better for everyone, including Trump supporters. We don't actually hate you, we just think you didn't do the right thing - for us, and for you. On the Obama point - national deficit went up, yes. But that figure is extremely debatable. There are three ways of looking at it - yours is the simple way - subtracting start of term from end of term deficits. The more complicated and most accurate way would be to assess where that debt came from and what Obama specific policies added to it - now a president inherits what went before him, and things don't change overnight. Bush's last federal budget, for example, includes 1.16 trillion of deficit, which happened in the fiscal year till 30th September 2009. Most of which happened after Obama took office. There are many calculations that take into account a more nuanced look at how the deficit increased but the studies into Obama's specific policies (I.e. Those not in direct reflection of the depression that was happening, etc) take his debt to around 983 billion. Not in the trillions. Honestly, I'm not arguing with you just saying that you're quoting a figure based on simple subtraction and that's not how national debt works. Many people seem to blame ACA for adding to the deficit and yes, it was a contributing factor, but not significantly...
  • rhiannon_adam@dannyboy_80 but are you then also saying being a racist is ok? And being anti abortion is ok? Everyone in America is or was an immigrant... America doesn't love him and he did not win the popular vote (and there are many people who were on the fence not believing he would be as extreme as he said he would be in the campaign who are now really regretting it). You can't deny the huge protests and pretend they aren't happening, or that women's rights are being taken away. And what about healthcare, how is is a good thing to lose the beginnings of a nationalized health service? This is the thing about the difference between republicans and democrats. Republicans vote for themselves, their families. It's very insular. Democrats vote for what they believe is for the greater good for themselves, their neighbors and the rest of the world. What about Trump's ideas on climate change, are you ok with that too? And if you are Hispanic, what's the idea - build a wall after your family moved in? I don't know what generation you are, but regardless of how you come in, you're still using resources like everyone else, illegals use resources too but also contribute. It's not just one way. Plus this anti refugee attitude, is that ok also? That's very un-American in spirit too... Conway didn't just slip up... that's a crazy thing to say... alternative facts are what his whole campaign has been run on. In hindsight, do you now see that the Hillary emails stuff counted for nothing and was just an unnecessary witch hunt...?
  • dannyboy_80My family came legally, and we all want the wall and know several others that do. That's not racism, that's protecting Americas interests. They can come in legally like our law states. You must be in denial to think a President can add 10 trillion to the debt and blame it on the previous President and not Obama. That's more than every President before him combined. You say Liberals believe in things being better for everyone, but that's simply not true. When have liberals stood up for our 2nd amendment rights? In California, they just passed a bunch of laws that allow criminals to do more crime with lesser sentences. National healthcare (ACA) is a joke, people that can't afford it get hit with a penalty in the thousands of dollars. I don't believe in climate change because I grew up fearing a coming ice age. Then Al Gore made a movie and we never heard the end of global warming. I imagine anyone born after 1990 heard this all their young life and anyone that disagrees must be a lunatic. You believe what you want, but the protestors don't speak for America. They're mostly a bunch of young adults who live with their parents and don't pay rent. California gave Hillary the popular vote. Subtract this 1 state and you'll see that Trump won America.
  • rhiannon_adam@dannyboy_80 oh I wrote you a really long reply but it wouldn't post. I'll post later again when I have more energy. But just quickly on 2nd amendment - how are guns a good thing? More people died since In the last month from accidental gun deaths than from terrorists on home soil in the last two presidential terms... how is that a good thing? FYI I was born long before 1990, and al gore was not the first person to talk about climate change. Maybe because you live in the states you think Americans even invented the idea of climate change as some kind of political policy, but no, climate change has been a concern for far longer than that...
  • dannyboy_80The fact that you just gave Hillary a free pass shows that you would let anything they do slide. They sabotaged Bernie and had the most corrupt campaign in history. You should reevaluate your view. Hopefully before you burn a school down.
  • rhiannon_adam@dannyboy_80 it was first referred to in 1975 in fact
  • rhiannon_adam@dannyboy_80 are you kidding me, why would I burn a school down? Have I suggested that you would do anything violent? I'm not a violent person and I've long since finished school. I don't need to reevaluate my view on facts. Hillary and a free pass? I don't get what I am meant to be mad at her about? For more than 40 years of public service? For being female? For some emails? What am I meant to be angry about?
  • dannyboy_80I'm done here. The fact that you say "for some emails" means you don't care about their content. You gave her a free pass. You go on with your peers and protest, riot, attack people, shout out obscenities, burn things, block traffic, and whatever else it is you people do.
  • rhiannon_adam@dannyboy_80 "you people"... you know nothing about me or what I do do to assume I have a violent bone in my body is a rather large fact checking misdemeanor. You are done here because you have nothing to say in response to my comments about the second amendment or climate change. I live the way the spin was that Hillary personally sat down and write thousand a of emails to personally and purposefully leak. They were investigated and there was nothing in there that has caused any major issue. Most of them were about her own campaign. Meanwhile, while Hillary was defending leaked emails Trump was bragging about grabbing women by the pussy. But I guess you do that too so it's ok (see how me assuming you assault women because you're a trump supporter is pretty offensive? - well assuming I'm violent because I protest is just the same).
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