Please join us in prayer Sunday (tomorrow) at 1 PM Eastern and 10 AM Pacific. 🙏🏽 Please pray that the sacred waters and lands of the Standing Rock Sioux will be miraculously protected. Please pray that the United States will honor its treaties and not put the water supply of these beloved Native people at risk. (Pipelines should not go under rivers where leaks remain undetected until irreversible damage is done.) Please pray for these people, who have already suffered so much, and help them feel the love and support of so many of us who care about them and value their harmonious way of living with God's earth and beautiful creatures. Please pray for us all to be guided through this difficult time and to stand on the side of peace and courage. Thank you my brothers and sisters. There is power when we all come together on the side of love.❤#stopdapl #prayforpeace #defendthesacred @standingrock @standingrocksupport
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