• jcmiloneTagged by @tentacles_just_tentacles and @mrcracky13 for my top 5 #ZListLegendsLove so here they are
    1) the Goblin Queen Madeline Pryor - the evil clone of Jean Grey and mother of Cable. She was the star of the first crossover I remember, Inferno and long over due for a figure
    2) N'ASTIRH Demon Sorcerer of Limbo. Cool design and would make a cool looking figure. Another player in the Inferno crossover.
    3) S'Ym another Limbo demon who is an homage to Cerebus the aardvark who was created by Dave Sim. Always wanted a figure of this guy
    4) Moses Magnum - I'll be honest, I don't know a whole bunch about this guy, but I remember him from some early comics I read as a kid and he always kind of stuck with me.
    5) the Spot. - just a ridiculous character who was in a few memorable episodes of the old Spider-Man animated series.
    Tagging a few others to play along if they'd like

  • jcmilone@tentacles_just_tentacles also not a z lister
  • lights_camera_tentacles@jcmilone True dat. 🤔
  • lights_camera_tentacles@jcmilone Bird Boy?
  • jcmiloneYes @tentacles_just_tentacles lol
  • sleepofgiants@jcmilone For real, just use the pizza Spidey buck. Such little detail necessary, too. And he's definitely a fan favorite.
  • lamartherevenger@tentacles_just_tentacles @jcmilone S'ym can the BAF
  • shakem78🍆mkniffycsshuvdfpenis
  • jonabot80Excellent choices.
  • mrcracky13All of these are sexual
  • jcmiloneEspecially the green demon.. amirite? @mrcracky13
  • mrcracky13You are absolutely right. Looks like he's about to take something lmao
  • jcmilone😉 @mrcracky13
  • onesix_shooterThe two I'd want would be: Number one: classic Foolkiller. Could have been cooler than Punisher if not for that goofy hat, but I loved the character. Number two: because he's technically Star Wars, and god-help-me I liked him would be Jaxxon. Yes, the big Green rabbit. Seriously love to have him.
  • jcmiloneYes dude! Post yours too! Consider yourself tagged @onesix_shooter
  • legosbydauriethis is so cool Joe!!
  • dlternerI can definitely see Hasbro making The Spot as a filler figure
  • jcmilone@dlterner that was my thought too. He's as cheap a repaint as they come and that's right up Hasbro's alley
  • mctigger1337Nice! I'll have to put my thinking cap on for this
  • djeroonGreat selection! I love these guys and gal!
  • claro1131
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