@ricflairnatureboy proudly shared @johncena's monumental moment of becoming a 16-time World Champion at #RoyalRumble!
  • wwe@ricflairnatureboy proudly shared @johncena's monumental moment of becoming a 16-time World Champion at #RoyalRumble!

  • lboogie03030The most selfish individual wrestler in the history of WWE who only cares about his own success. Cena should really take notes from Lesnar on actually putting other wrestlers over. When was the last time Cena even tapped out to lose a match at a ppw...not since Kurt Angle was in the WWE....so sad!!! Can't wait for u to retire but I'm sure you will try to become a 30 time work champ before u even do that..smh
  • aftab_077champ is here..
  • aftab_077haters hates but... there is Only 1 cena.... who beats any 1....
  • abujafor0.0💜
  • duhitsjenna247@lboogie03030 uh didn't he tap out at backlash
  • lboogie03030@duhitsjenna247 To who??? and Nikka Bella doesn't count...smh
  • duhitsjenna247@lboogie03030 Didn't Cena tap to Styles so styles can retain? Wtf do you mean by Nikki Bella doesn't count like they're two different superstars
  • lboogie03030@duhitsjenna247 Woooow...u must've just started watching wrestling last year for u to think that or u must be a huge Cena fan which in that case...I truly feel sorry for u because u have no idea the politics he plays backstage with Vince McMahon in order for him to get title shot after title shot screwing over any up and coming wrestler that is trying to make a name for themselves. And of course Cena always tries to make it seem that he is trying get wrestlers over like Bray Wyatt now by losing his 16th title reign in only two weeks but alot of people forget that when Bray was very hot when he first came to the main roster...Cena screwed him over by making sure he was victor the majority of the time they wrestled. But let me stop because im sure u have no idea what im talking about because u just started watching wrestling last year and also if u cant tell that i was being sarcastic about the Nikki Bella comment then i might as well find a wall to explain the joke to because im sure that object would understand my joke more than u ever will. But most likely ur just a troll trying to get a reaction or ur just a typical Cena fan that still wets the bed at night. Before u reply to somebody or try to defend the most selfish wrestler in wrestling history who actually is trying to convince viewers and young wrestling talent that if any wrestler gets a reaction from the crowd no matter if it's them booing u or cheering u...make sure u do ur research. A.J wrestled Ambrose not Cena. I can't wait for ur next idiotic response. The anticipation is killing me. Oh wait let me stop with my sarcasm again because u will just get lost again...smh
  • duhitsjenna247@lboogie03030 I've been watching wrestling for the past 6 years you dumbass. Aj wrestled both Cena and Ambrose back at backlash.
  • duhitsjenna247@lboogie03030 you are just a sick son of a bitch because you think you know it all. See you think you can get a reaction out of me like a five year old when I know what I'm talking about. You probably are some idiotic fan trying to show that you know it all when obviously you don't pay attention to the smackdown paper views because if you did you would know that Styles wrestled both Cena and Ambrose at backlash. If you think you're confusing me your not. Your just making an idiot out of yourself. You really think you're making Cena look bad but your really making yourself look bad
  • lboogie03030@duhitsjenna247 lmaooo...try No Mercy!!! Your worst than I thought. You are mos def a bed wetter and a troll. Look it up on YouTube. U have to be like 6 years old to be arguing something with me that's not even true. I gotta quickly find a wall to have a more intelligent conversation than I'm having with u right now...omg...this is absolutely hilarious!!!!
  • lboogie03030@duhitsjenna247 Ummmm...Mr. or Mrs. 6 years of watching wrestling experience!!! Did you look it up on YouTube yet??? U still think AJ wrestled both Cena and Ambrose at Backlash???? lmaoooo
  • duhitsjenna247@lboogie03030 he did you fucking dumbass
  • duhitsjenna247@lboogie03030 I made a mistake. Okay it fucking happens. You are just a stuck up bitch who thinks they know it all.
  • duhitsjenna247@lboogie03030 I don't know why im even wasting my time on you since I have more followers than you. You just out people down.
  • dawsen_reidFlair is fat now?
  • lboogie03030@duhitsjenna247 Oh my goodness!!!! So I haven't checked my social media accounts in a couple days and right now I find out that u still have the nerve to still defend ur stupidity...lmaooo. This is truly comical. So first of all u try to say that I think I know it all and I don't know what I'm talking about when u finally admit that I was right all along...smh. Then now u are trying to insult by saying just because have more followers than me that makes all the nonsense u have been saying justifies whatever point ur trying to make whatever the hell that is. I proved to u by my last point that u have no idea wtf u r talking about. Then u try to say just because u have more followers than me makes u know what ur talking about...huh???? Please just stop!!! U have proved to everybody that's reading our posts that u r truly a complete idiot that does not know wtf ur talking about. U tried goon this rant saying that
  • duhitsjenna247@lboogie03030 you are proving that you still responded after you could have let this go weeks ago. You are the complete dumbass.
  • lboogie03030Let me let u in on a little secret!!! I have a life that doesn't revolve on trying to get as many followers as possible like ur dumb ass. Ur whole point was that I think I know it all and I don't know shit when u just admitted that I was right all along. Just stop and admit that u have no idea wtf is going in the wrestling industry and just take the fact that I was right all along and that u are just a dumb fuck that is just trying to look good in front of ur high school followers. U swore that u were absolutely positive that John Cena faced Dean Ambrose at Backlash and that he tapped out and u were absolutely wrong. Just accept the fact that u were wrong and that r an idiot that has no clue on what ur talking about. That's all u have to do!! But of course since u have ur little fan base u don't want to admit that u r a jackass and have no idea wtf ur talking...lmaoooo!!!! smh U r truly a sad poece of a human being that can't admit that u were wrong. GROW UP AND GET A LIFE!!!
  • stylishsupersyrupIf anyone was gonna reach the Rick Flair's championship record I'm glad it was John Cena
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