• snippetsofdesignA good snapshot is more than just a photograph, A good snapshot captures the thoughts and feelings of a moment and saves them in your heart forever. ----------------------------
    One of my resolutions this year is to start printing out my photos. I don't have the time I used to back when I scrapbooked but I hate that our recent memories are all trapped on my computer and phone. I decided to use @mixbook to create a photo book. They have so many options and a drag and drop editor that makes the process fun and easy. I enjoyed creating it so much that I think I just found my new "go to" resolution. I will definately need a new one of these every year! #ad

  • mixbookCute!! So happy you love it!
  • snippetsofdesignThank you @mixbook ! I love it so much! 😘
  • thegiangygood idea!
  • snippetsofdesignThanks hun! I like it even more than I expected to... @thegiangy
  • victoriabluebirdTotally agree! You cannot beat a hard copy of your photos vs. computer or phone. I will have to check out mixbook. Have a nice weekend!😊
  • snippetsofdesignIt's so worth it. I hope you have a lovely weekend as well Vickie. Enjoy your tea! @victoriabluebird
  • fernandmapleeventsOhhh this turned out great!
  • snippetsofdesignAwww...thanks so much Natalie! 😘 @fernandmapleevents
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