New post! {link in profile} My #3 best skincare product of 2016 🏆 #liketkit
  • kathleenjenningsbeautyNew post! {link in profile} My #3 best skincare product of 2016 🏆 #liketkit

  • kathleenjenningsbeauty#ltkbeauty #peterthomasroth #masking #bestmask #skincare
  • ten5sevenLove your car pool / mask multi-tasking! 🚙🚗
  • jzkubanAh! I've been looking forward to the next one :)
  • jzkuban"And just like my children, it depends on the day..." Hahaha! #forrealtho
  • saravosburgh@kathleenjenningsbeauty yay!!! My mom and I were anxiously waiting for #3 lol! We immediately purchased #1 and I actually bought the big mask set for my mom, my sister and myself from amazon for Christmas! Love them all! My mom loves the rose stem! I like the black as it doesn't dry my skin out...I take it on the road when I travel as I always break out after flights/climate change etc. I also like doing the pumpkin (feel the burn lol) and follow it with the rose! Can't wait for the rest of your list 💗
  • allisonpb9What lipgloss/lipstick are you wearing? So pretty!
  • kathleenjenningsbeauty@allisonpb9 it is YSL Lip Vinyl in 404 Nude pulse
  • zuneraserenaawesome
  • christinen1207Hello!! After using the clear masks, do you wash them off, wipe them off, or just move on to your regular moisturizer/serum routine? I never know in what order to use my masks!!
  • vhmooreI need a recommendation for something to work on dark circles!! Nothing too expensive but want to get the job done!
  • bridepauwVery nice :)
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