spot the cactus tree
  • stefaniescottspot the cactus tree

  • conniemaemorales😍😘
  • hey__mikayyour earringsss!!
  • carlosdoc87That I love you, I love you, ..., That I love you is the pure truth, I can not live without your beauty, You are the source of love and kindness, The inspiration of my songs and verses. It may be perhaps inconsistent, And many times I am clumsy to write, But I love you with overwhelming strength, With the fury of the waters of a river. Of so much love, in my heart. The blood deliriates of so much passion, That I would prefer death without your love. You are of my life the most beautiful flower, Although I cause you inconvenience, But that I love you ... I love you.
  • mario_namoraWhy are you so blue ?
  • carlosdoc87But I can not stop thinking about you.-What were you doing? - I'm lying on the floor. That's how you got me, princess. Lying on the floor
  • artsy__polarbearEar ring
  • aftertasetmarieQueen😍❤
  • evaoktaviany22😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • carlosdoc87Let me be the owner of your heart just as you are the owner of mine today and always love .... I will wait ... I will wait ... for a long time I will wait ... and if your happiness is my silence .... .and the grave I will only go with an idea in my head, I will always love you !!!!!! ....
  • emilior_pEstas pa partirte en 8 trozos
  • video_director_oseniNice
  • styler347Awwww...earlobes 😊
  • _cccelu_@dreaxss que guay la foto!!!
  • bubbles.gifNatural beauty
  • dreaxss😍😍😍😍 @_cccelu_
  • chiapetss11@stefaniescott Hey
  • afiifh_ily💋😘
  • gol.footballyou are the best.
  • k_hendricks_011You look rlly cute in this picture @stefaniescott
  • farman4465Love you 😘
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