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  • jamielynnspearsY'all know how much I love @fabfitfun by now and their winter box was my favorite one so far!! The box is filled with full-size products and the candle smells better than anything in the whole entire world!!! You can use the code BOXGOALS for $10 off at www.fabfitfun.com... I promise it will make your day! #fabfitfun #fffpartner

  • britneynin_Praying for Maddie all the way from Dominican Republic, we're with u ❤️❤️🇩🇴🙏🏼
  • oscar_vzla:(
  • emzunigirlGlad your daughter maddie is okay 👌😊🙂
  • wenner1073I think her little girl is fine or she wouldn't be advertising fabfit or whatever the box was
  • h_n_h.bPraying for your daughter<3 I believe in the miraculous healing powers of God!
  • britne81spears@wenner1073 just to let you know she posted this before the accident.
  • angelalax90I am very sad for Maddie however I do struggle to sympathise with redbeck hill billy Trump supporters which Jamie and family obviously are. Still though am glad she's on the mend but wish for her sake she didn't have to grow up parents who support trump. I wonder how many black or Asian friends she has?
  • babyididitagain@angelalax90 Stfu comments like this make me so happy that Trump won
  • dmicesk8Best mother daughter picture of you and your daughter out of the hospital. I'm so happy for you @jamielynnspears
  • andrewljameson@angelalax90 I'm going to need you to report back to your meassly 47 followers because no one here gives two shits about what you have to say. Go brush your hair.
  • emmasspencer@angelalax90 only because Jamie & her family supports trump doesn't mean that they agree with everything he says!
  • megncox18@angelalax90 🖕
  • bluuz182@angelalax90 just because you support Trump doesn't mean you hate black or Asian people. Wtf
  • emanuele.nicoLove Jamie Lynn Spears I wish you all the best for valendinstag your biggest fan emanuele nico. You look beautiful
  • kybvlion@nkknhvndyni
  • _sar00ny_Awwwwwe u grew up alot !!! 😢😢😢 I miss zoey101
  • lyssaxmoonlightSHE HAS AN ACCENT WHAT
  • kareenapuriInnit like WHATTTTT ??? @lyssaxmoonlight
  • levin_on_a_prayer_@nycroach @jordana.rosee zoey now I'm so shook
  • emsilv@therealgenevievetho @avaros3
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