A layover 65 million years in the making. #ORD
  • gatesygramA layover 65 million years in the making. #ORD

  • happyone85Come to Chesapeake Va
  • danimc30@emilymank 😍
  • patrick.prevenasYou're in my hometown!
  • mieutxAhhhh! Youre so close to me!!!
  • jho13@jonathan_horn DAMN IT HES IN CHICAGO
  • mandarose224Omg if ik u were there my 7 year old son loves you and wants to meet you and grow up to be just like you I've tried emailing you but it said ur inbox was to full to accept emails 😔 next step will be mailing u a letter he said he will be writing tomorrow morning
  • schweizerdameI have the weirdest boner right now
  • italiantoms@danny_rosenstock The sausage king of Chicago? 😆#abefroman
  • taylor__sprinkleI was watching the DB Cooper episode and when you landed the parachute. It was above you, then it changed screens, went back to you and it was gone😜
  • hisglapCan't wait to see you in a few hours
  • darosoSweet!
  • chmtn🙌
  • nhcareyjrGood one. Hat tip to you Mr. Gates for living the life 98% of us history majors want to live. Go get some.
  • prcichoski@mandarose224 how do you email him or send him a letter? I was at his event, but the line got cut off 10 feet ahead of me. :-(
  • mandarose224@prcichoski on his website it gives the info.. it's his personal Web page not the discovery Channel page
  • prcichoski@mandarose224 Thank you! Hopefully, we'll both get a response!
  • mandarose224Me to @prcichoski cuz my son would love to hear from him josh is the reason my son wants to be an archaeologist when he grows up
  • ka.it.lynnHi Josh. Not sure if you'll see this. I was in Columbus today and the line was cut off a few feet from me. I gave the security guard a drawing a Yeti I drew to give to you, because I thought I wasn't going to meet you. Luckily, I was able to run up to you and give you a hug (I was wearing a purple jacket but you were in a hurry so I understand if you don't remember lol). I was just making sure you see it! I drew it quickly and it was quite sloppy. Love you and thank you for the hug!
  • bodytuner360JOSH. Take me on an expedition with you. Please. Come onnnnnnnnnnn ....I can be your Short Round...but I won't yell and be as obnoxious as he was lol 😳🤓
  • bloodhoundgramBrilliant
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