• me_and_orlaHow do I even begin to say thank you?! I'm blown away by all your support for my little podcast! It has been a most welcome reminder of what an awesomely supportive, diverse and friendly community we have here.
    I'm going to try and reply personally to as many of you as possible but if I don't manage that - know that your support means the world to me, & I'm cheering you on in return! (& for anyone who hasn't listened yet - the link is in my bio! 😉❤️) Ps - if you enjoyed it, it would REALLY help me if you left a review in iTunes to help other people find the podcast too! 💫

  • jblifedocumentedI listened on my walk yesterday and LOVED it!! Also it's so nice to put a voice to a face ☺️
  • karenbhphotosJust to let you know, after multiple attempts, I managed to leave a review 😂🙌🏼
  • thefoxintheatticI've just listened to your podcast and really enjoyed it. I've subscribed! 💕
  • toile_blancheAmazing ✨✨
  • tiatalulaListened to the podcast!! Thank you Sara. Xx
  • mycustardpieBravo for making the leap. Rated 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟subscribed and will be listening and will be listened along, headphones in ears while walking my dog along the beach, every month.
  • withbeesontheroofSuch a gorgeous photo! Just listening to podcast - even for someone wayyyyy late to the instaparty (I've been here one week...!) I'm thinking it's fab! I've subscribed!
  • linesandcurrent@me_and_orla I really enjoyed your podcast Sara. I will review. X
  • daisy_inspirecreatedoIt was great - can't wait to hear more
  • mirglisGorgeous picture! It's amazing to see so many snowdrops! 😍
  • lesbellesheures💥💥💥
  • insideoaboutJust listened to your podcast. So so helpful and positive - thank you! ❤ Bots were stressing me out, but goodbye to them 💪 x
  • chris.made.thisI've just listened to it Sara, and it was great! 😀❤
  • line_45_soapSo good and very helpful and insightful. Can't wait for Part 2. 🚫🤖
  • botanical_talesIt's brilliant, thank you!
  • littleobservationistBeautiful light!
  • katyushaSpring is in the air! So beautiful Sara!
  • carinafinoliWow! What type of flower is that?
  • pixelswanderLovely !
  • franceinseasonLoved the podcast! Great advice 😄
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