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  • mariahcareyWe must we must ... ;) 😘

  • carmitacc28Oh girl, take the gym seriously!!! Love you!!
  • pittie_chickee@c.frankr I'm wondering how you know what my life has turned out to be. Simply because I don't like this fat cow you think you know my life? Here's a news flash for you ball sa. Law degree. successful and quite educated and very good looking #latina who doesn't need to expose her big boobies and her fat ass because she's getting to be a middle-aged has been like Mariah Carey. Im quite thrilled with my life. Living in a gorgeous 5000 sq ft four-bedroom house overlooking Long Island Sound and very happily married. Im a successful hard working woman whos wealthy and not interested in your liberal hateful opinionated intolerant crap. It's really sad that people like you feel the need to defend this cow who could give a rat's ass if you live or die but I sure as hell am not going to be stifled by a pile of crap like you. So don't feel bad for me honey because I've got everything in this world that I've ever wanted and then some and you know what else I don't have?........ big saggy boobies and a big fat ass like Mariah Carey. Run along #freakboy
  • pittie_chickee@donna.weis I totally agree. And the idiots that think she's actually working out that's what's even funnier every picture you see of her is with her big fat ass hanging out her nasty saggy boobies.
  • pittie_chickeeMariah YOU'RE FAT AND OLD AND NEED TO GROW UP! Stop trashing yourself for attention.
  • tbabe216Increase our bust..
  • liza_jacobus@jferen me at the gym
  • liza_jacobus@jferen I bet you're embarrassed to even be associated with this pic
  • danalemorcrispin_@pittie_chickee Talk about classless. Maybe you should look in the mirror. Calling other females cows and nasty isn't exactly politically correct as you try so hard to portray. A woman with dignity doesn't trash talk about other women. You also describe another woman on your profile as having a dried up vagina? Honey, put some soap in your mouth and learn some respect. No one cares what kind of house you live in and you're husband is dead. It says so on your profile. So stop going out of your way to build yourself up while you put others down. Your only making yourself look like a bully and lowlife.
  • pittie_chickee@Danalemorcrispin_ honey go make some more duck lip pictures to add to your social media Outlet. For starters I will address your childish little comment about my appearance honey one thing I know is that I'm a damn good-looking woman and as a matter of fact I'm sure you look through my photos and you also will agree that I'm a damn good-looking woman because if that wasn't a factor you wouldn't have felt the need to comment about my looks I am a very very attractive woman with a body to die for another achievement in my life that comes from hard work the six pack abs and that firm little booty that doesn't look like the size of Texas all that comes from dedication and hard work just like my legal career comes from dedication and hard work. So if you don't like the fact that I am proud about all of my achievements the beautiful home that I've been blessed with and all of the riches that I have because I work a 14-hour sometime 16-hour day to make the money that I have to buy myself all of the beautiful things that I have. That's your problem. One thing I'm not is a 50 year old fat slobbering cow who's engagement didn't work out and now feels the need to expose her grotesque fat ass and her two huge sagging teats that look like they are ready to feed a herd of 20 cattle. So that's what a classy woman does not do. I on the other hand am an elegant educated classy woman who dresses nicely sexy when I want to be but I still don't have to show my face and my big boobs to get attention never did never will. Anything I've accomplished I've accomplished because of my brain my education and my work. But you and Mariah Carey can spend your pathetic lives making duck lip pictures for Instagram. Don't tell me what a classy woman does. A classy woman does not turn 50 + and start exposing herself like a 20 year old little girl. But thanks for the advice honey. Stick it
  • pittie_chickee@danalemorcrispin_ PS I don't try to portray myself as coming across as politically correct. I'm far from politically correct so your post, your comment to me is as big a fail as Mariah Carey in fishnet stockings stilettos and her big fat ass . oh and we can add your duck lips to that list. Don't be a hater because I'm beautiful, successful, happily married and I'm not a fat overweight 50 year old troll ...... while I sit home and make lip pictures for Instagram. I can assure you Mariah Carey doesn't care about you or you're defending her. Maybe you can go try Kim Kardashian now I'm sure she's another one of your Heroes. pucker up buttercup...... it's National duck lip day
  • pittie_chickee@danalemoncrispin_ yes my husband just recently died of a massive heart attack does that give you some kind of pleasure? I'm not sure what that has to do with the fact that Mariah Carey the big fat pig but let me give you a little bit about me and my life with my husband but let me let you know clearly if you so much as mention my husband in your mouth I will find you and I will knock your teeth out watch your step . I met my husband when I was 16 years old and we've been together for 30 years not a day we were apart we were in love we were happy we were successful and he had a massive heart attack and died last year so yes I'm not sure how that's playing my life up or how that has any bearing on you or Miss Fat Cow but I've had 30 amazing years with a man who would have died for me and I would have died for him something that you will never have in your life and that is obvious which is happiness joy and someone who respects you for being a decent woman. All you have is your little pictures on Instagram and your duck lips and your hateful demeanor towards other people who have everything you don't and one thing I do have is my looks my happiness my health my success and the memories that I built with a man who wouldn't have slept with you if he had somebody else's pecker.
  • pittie_chickeeSo yes my husband died of a massive heart attack at the age of 51 last year. I'm not sure what that has to do with the fact that Mariah Carey is a big fat pig or the fact that you're a miserable skank but you will never ever have the life that I had with a man for 30 years I spent my life with my husband all you probably have is one night stands that don't want to see you the next day and never take your phone calls after you show them what a pig you are. I can almost guarantee that
  • danalemorcrispin_@pittie_chickee The one who is a pathetic skank is you. You go on an on writing a novel on here about how everyone is a whore, a stank, classless but you are not right? You are so perfect and hot and successful. You are nothing but an ugly, hating miserable, jealous and nasty girl. Only insecure and self serving people trash others on social media. Who the hell are you to tell everyone how amazing hot and successful you are as you put everyone else down. Sounds like you have a lot of issues. You get respect by taking positive, not trashing everyone and referring to women with vile comments. You are nasty and mean spirited bitch. Go fuck yourself. And by the way, damn right I'll make duck faces. At least my headlines in my profile talk about positive things not calling attention to yourself by calling women "fried up vaginas" and "cows". You're the fuckin cow. And honey, if you're so successful why don't you go to work and keep it moving instead of spending hours writing hateful comments on people's social media?
  • mary78matinezToo old still trying to be young what happened to you Mariah. Sad
  • meriwett@ashleyraschke 😂😂😂😂
  • lipcicconeVamos malhar assim @adrianodiaraujo @brunno_fernandez @vilsondiesel
  • tinkaarpadDuci Juci
  • ryan.paul.hamilton@mellybotz
  • achristineshoes1Very practical work out ensemble...
  • fleek_funni_fitness_faith_2016A little sweat..alot of fleek 🔥
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