• bearfoottheoryConfessions of a former WINTER HATER...Skiing has opened up a whole new world for me. Most importantly, it's been a while since I took on a new sport and committed myself to improving. Every day I get out there I'm pushing myself a little further and taking incremental steps to becoming a more confident skier and outdoor woman. I might not always look too smooth on the hill, but experiencing little doses of adrenaline and getting out in the mountains when I would've been moping around at home in the past, has been a huge source of enjoyment for me. And bonus, I even met this handsome mustached man on the chairlift and he's the one who's been quietly lurking behind my camera lens over the last few months . So you never know what might happen when you get out of those comfy pajamas on a winter morning and head for the hills.
    📷 @GoPro #hero5

  • raimee13So cute !!!! 💕💕💕
  • dougmooregGo girl !!!
  • findmeonthemountainPerfect 😊
  • annabradenAlta is the best!
  • zakmauser😃
  • erin_edenholmYeah girl!!!!!
  • gopro@bearfoottheory you go girl! We're so proud of you for getting out there!
  • stanrey7Nice one.
  • rad_van_goHey Kristen! Finally got the van account started @kracicot Hoping we cross paths someday
  • danielmaggaawesome stuff
  • tourdelustGreat gallery!
  • campinglover.instaKeep on the good work!
  • explorearizona_Great photo
  • bearfoottheory#LoveSLC
  • biketripappThe further you ride the closer you get!
  • mtnchicksPretty awesome :)
  • wandering.worldWhat a cute story! 😍 I'm a former winter hater too, but my boyfriend loves to snowboard. So a couple of years ago I got into skiing. ⛷ It was tough at the beginning, but I'm learning to enjoy it! 🚠 We skipped a snow vacation last year, so we're looking forward to putting on those ski boots again! (Not really, they're quite uncomfy, right?) 🎿
  • bearfoottheory@wandering.world yea it's been fun to have something we can do together in the winter for sure. If you're boots are uncomfortable, I'd 100% recommend that you go get them fitted at a boot shop. It's made a world of a difference for me
  • fortuitousfoodiesYASSSS!
  • angelatravels11This post makes me happy. Yay winter!
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