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  • tamronhallToday was a good day. Thank y'all for all the love and support. 💜 #tamcam @housingworks

  • shugahill007We love you! Wherever you go I go!!!!
  • cholly4I miss your smile in the morning.. Can't wait to see what's next..
  • michelle4861Love you
  • seigobe2LOVE YOUR EXIT ROUTE TAMRON!!! Not "Thanking and Crying" style. We will always follow our lovely Tam wherever she goes!!! Your ☝Fan.
  • aterolbI will miss u
  • keithorrville"Movin on UP to the TOP..."
  • raywinkThat is so kind of you..will miss you and your smile!
  • teri_grahamYou've inspired me. I've had my own challenges over the last year. I've lost my mother and I'm trying slowly to rebuild my life. After seeing your video I finally worked up the nerve to go thru my own closet and give away clothes with tags still on them. Why am I holding onto them? No good reason I could think of.
  • dibrevard737You are a class act Tamron! Will miss you on Today. 🙂
  • n2winnu will rise FVCK NBC; those racist bastardz, u r fierce and mUCH better than that pasty that they r bringing on, sorry for my language but i know u will flourish in your career, u can't keep a good woman DOWN!!
  • dailydoseofalohaAloha @tamronhall 🌺 Thank you for being so brave and inspiring. You reminded me of @starjonesesq ❣👸🏽 #QueenInControlOfHerOwnDestiny ❤️
  • masterkutz2015wifey material...
  • sheleciajohnsonThank you for being you, you will be missed and j can't wait for your new adventure❤️❤️
  • earms79946Great girl, so proud of you!! Go on to bigger and better things!!!!!
  • deannajaneseSuch an inspiration! What a way to exit in style and with integrity. My she-ro!
  • dorianlowderI dont watch fox. Too much politics in the news. Today's Take was the only thing I watched on the today show.
  • 60degreeme@tamronhall, you have such a beautiful wardrobe, I'm so saddened to see you leave the today show, you are a wonderful personality, one that truly brings light into a room. Good luck to you and I'll follow you where ever you go. Cant wait to see where you and those Louboutin ' s land! Unless of course you'd like to send a pair my way, lol!!
  • bigunclel#marryme
  • monithatsmeWe miss ya! 😒
  • goldwalker111What ur leavin.? To sexy for the morning? What the fuck am i supposed to do now? Shits all fucked up! Damn!
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