Time with the sistas! 😍 Due date has come and gone... guess babe just wants to hang out in there for a bit longer! 💞

Miss ya, @kristennicoleyoung, @masiespace & @ohtannanbomb!
  • jessaseewaldTime with the sistas! 😍 Due date has come and gone... guess babe just wants to hang out in there for a bit longer! 💞

    Miss ya, @kristennicoleyoung, @masiespace & @ohtannanbomb!

  • mollyhiles13Congrats on baby#2. He's adorable 💚💚💚
  • julina.mNice to see beautiful smiles.
  • shaybaby_xoxyour are gorg!! not to play favorites but your the prettiest!😉 & i love jana's hair darker!
  • kaimi_loves_horseThis is kaimi love your show so much
  • piggyfarm88Jana is so pretty here
  • staceylyncStarbucks supports Planned Parenthood. Not sure if you knew. #boycottstarbucks Love your family and congrats on the newest addition. #babiesareablessing
  • alexus_marlowU should not be drinking coffeee while pregnant it's bad for the baby
  • peazyt@alexus_marlow If everyone gave up everything that's bad for them, no one would eat anything. Everything is okay in moderation.
  • zoe_loves_you1@alexus_marlow actually it isn't bad for the baby, as long as you don't drink over 1 cup of coffee a day you are just fine
  • cupcakebandit_You guys are the prettiest !!!! I guess you get it from your mama!!!!
  • sweetheartlane_locketsI drank more coffee with my second one too lol. Needed it. She turned out great, and actually loves coffee herself haha! Everything in moderation.
  • nicole_k00@doublesmith24 as Christians we have to put up with this world just like Jesus did. Just because we drink a drink doesn't mean we support something bad. God knows their hearts. If we were to boycott every little thing that supported terrible things we couldn't even go out in public because people everywhere don't agree with what God says or believes. Movies,books,people,public places etc. God knows their\our hearts and he is a just God and knows that we don't support them. 😊
  • doublesmith24@nicole_k00 I agree God does know our hearts and I understand we can't boycott everything, however knowingly supporting something that stands totally against the word of God is a sin. There is no sugar coating it. I'm not coming down on them or anyone else who chooses to support companies like this, however we are called to be the light and show the difference, and being "tolerant" doesn't mean we compromise who we are or what we stand for. That's the word of God.
  • nicole_k00@doublesmith24 they do not support them. They do not support gays. They like Starbucks Coffee. Do you watch movies? Do you read books? Do you walk around in public? Do you have friends that are worldly or don't believe the same things you do? Or that support gays? That is a contradiction. Starbucks is a coffee shop, with people who support gays. They like their coffee, not the whole gay thing. As I said, God knows their hearts and what they feel and he is just, so no one can judge them except for God because that is no ones place except his. I understand that they're giving money for a drink that keeps the shop open. A lot of Christians do that, but not because they support gays. Because they like coffee. And they are a light, ya never know. They might get a coffee and someone could see them and the way they present themselves and like it, and want it and start going to church and change their lives. You never know.
  • hungarianjwPll assume she having coffee. Maybe she had somwthing else..smfh
  • staceylync@hungarianjw as long as Starbucks support PP, I will boycott them. I haven't missed SB at all nor their overpriced coffee. And, I'm happy to know none of my money will be donated to PP by SB.
  • dont_one_moneyHi jessa bigger fan
  • t_aylorholmanhttps://youtu.be/UcN7SGGoCNI
  • brianjeremy9767Big fan jessa
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