We agree @aarongwin1 ...She is one bad ride! We are a bit partial to her shoes ;) #blackbeauty #badtothebone #stealth #citius #ibex
  • onzatiresWe agree @aarongwin1 ...She is one bad ride! We are a bit partial to her shoes ;) #blackbeauty #badtothebone #stealth #citius #ibex

  • ernestss31@onzatires Shame he has to use Maxxis tires for racing. I am looking forward to how you can improve on something as ancient as the Minion DHF, you must be able to improve on such an old tire, mtg tires definitely haven't reached their ultimate peak. I also hope you make some good 2,6 AM/Enduro tires, that's what I want on my bike ;)
  • onzatires@ernestss31 thank you for taking the time to comment on our post. We appreciate your opinion and are on a continuous path of improvement. You may have seen some of the images out there of the new DH tire Aaron will be using this year, the Aquila. We hope to get that into the market later this spring. We are super excited to be working with @aarongwin1 and know that together we will bring the right tires to the market. Again...thanks for commenting. Go ride and have fun!
  • travis_wagner8061@onzatires I would love to run some of your tires and show the enduro crowd what's up, or more what's down on the ground. I don't have and dealers near me. Hopefully I'll get a chance to run them soon. See you guys at the next Socal Enduro!
  • onzatires@travis_wagner8061 thanks for reaching out @travis_wagner8061 ! We would love to connect you with someone who can get you some tires. Please reach out to marissa@bikefettish.com and she can get you to a dealer or help get them for you directly. Again, thanks for reaching out and we will see you at the races soon!!!
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