• _aucp"You need to fill yourself up first before offering some of your overflow to others." // Sara Avant Stover⠀

    While collaborating with Leviana on #selflovesymphony there was this beautiful opportunity for me to create and contribute creative content for the campaign instead of my usual (donating a portrait session or shooting time of some sort) role I've done in the past when working with brands and campaigns etc. Since Leviana is located in Toronto and I'm up here in the Ottawa Valley, all of our logistics were discussed via email and video calls and when the time came for me to shoot the content, I got the green light of complete trust to shoot what I felt right for the imagery - a complete dream to exercise some creative dreaming + brainstorming that I haven't used in a little while. This was one of my favourite shots; All of the oils, rollers + incense I've accumulated since Christmas! ⠀

    The collaboration also allowed me to get clear on what aspects of my own self-care are actually important and beneficial to me. Using essential oils (of any brand!!) by diffusing them and using them topically have been a life saver the last 2-3 months. When I was down and out with the worst sinus + chest infection I've had in years, I lived with Saje's Peppermint Halo + Immune rollers lathered all over me to help alleviate some of the sinus pressure. The last few days we've been diffusing Immune and some Breathe blends to help Abigail with her asthma/nasal congestion to breathe easier, especially at night with the dry, winter air. ⠀

    When I find myself getting overwhelmed or stressed, I roll some Stress Away on or diffuse some lavender, light some sandalwood incense or whatever the heck is making me feel better in that moment, to help me work through those big feels. The simplest of tasks can contribute so much towards showing yourself a little more [purposeful] love throughout your days. | #amandaurbanskicreativephotography #aquarteryoung #selflovesymphony

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  • aquarteryoungLOVE! Thank you for all of the creative and time you've donated. We love this photo too and are thrilled that you've shared it today. Essential oils have so many benefits and are primary ingredients to setting the tone for positivity! Our friend @leanne_ellis gave us a bottle of homemade essential oil treatment for Christmas. We use it every morning. 😍😍😍
  • levianacocciaYour contributions mean the world. 😍😘😍
  • pinkintokyo✨ ✨ ✨
  • sajewellnessWe're happy to be a part of your wellness journey, Amanda 💚 .
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