Linky linc!
  • javim9Linky linc!

  • sarahgrace114I wish you'd invite Isaac so he can see his brother they're best friends and he loves you and calls you his other dad :(
  • aatbb😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • _franch_3You should pitch the idea of a reality show about military fathers @javim9
  • maycris1424Omg your son is so cute @javim9
  • tonyaparrishI can NOT even watch these tm episodes any more!!! Does she not even realize how she looks what she's done what she's doing to everyone! Isaac gonna have serious issues because his hoe mom
  • nanny46.alThank God u are away from Krazy Kailyn... The more I watch the Teen Mom the more I'm on board you did the right thing... Even the producers are cutting her air time shorter and shorter and focused more on Leah, Jenelle and Chelsea.. Thank god
  • erikaxjay😩
  • pitbull_mom2016Awww soo cute:-)
  • _asalin_Cuties 😍
  • meljay1985So adorable x
  • _13babygirlTwins 💙
  • nicolakbourkeSo so cute!! 😍😍
  • brittanymurphywilliamsAwhhhh! @javim9
  • hollister0403Such a little cutie. Boys are the best:) #boymom
  • kooli3gyalHe's growing so big!! 😍😍😘👌🏽
  • berthaa__Javi😛😍😍😍 loml @yadhiraa
  • ceci_unicaAdorable boy! And you look like you're a great loving father to him!!
  • mazana_w👅
  • kelleennordquistYou're a good man and a good dad! Thank you for your service @javim9
  • laesea91He needs a diff haircut javi lol i wonder if kail tried to do it lol
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