Don't eat peeps flavored Oreos guys... #peepsoreos #peepsoreo #pink
  • sarahsmil_eDon't eat peeps flavored Oreos guys... #peepsoreos #peepsoreo #pink

  • skyler_arts_and_suitsP i n k
  • rosemul99You were featured on buzzfeed!
  • whoeveniskoshYou should probably get those ridges on your tongue checked out that can be a big sign of hyper metabolism which can be dangerous also can be a sign of mono
  • gina_libSaw your pic about Oreos on FB article and noticed the ridges in your tongue. Mine is like that and my adrenals are jacked up (as well as hormones and thyroid). You might want to get it checked. I would recommend a holistic doc or natureopath/homeopathic expert!!
  • gina_libIt's on the BuzzFeed FB page. Posted yesterday. It won't let me copy and paste. :-/
  • audrey.porter1The ridges look like scalloping of the tongue, which can be caused by incorrect resting tongue posture. Your tongue should be resting in your palate(the roof of your moth). I would bet your rests low in your mouth or maybe you even let it test between your back teeth. Incorrect tongue posture could lead to several other problems. Do you have any issues with speech sounds? Or do you have any issues with TMJ? Do you breath through your nose or mouth? Etc....
  • you chew your tongue?
  • trishkazOmg, pls see an ENT Dr. about the lumps on your tongue! This could be quite serious.
  • nope
  • thatboytrillDon't eat peeps period wtf 😂🤣
  • gemlynch1984I agree with tongue scalloping. Go see doctor and get thyroid checks done
  • timotius_josoyou were featured in
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