• nashville_4ever4/4 I hate the fact Rayna Jaymes died and to add insult to injury, in such a horrible way.
    The choice made by everyone involved in this plot twist, is now repeatedly explained as “the only option”. I disagree! To me, all it did is ruin my desire to follow this story to the next chapter.

    For the record, I would have been perfectly fine to exercise my suspense of disbelief with a less “realistic” option where Rayna, for the sake of her career or soul-searching, goes away for a while with the blessing of her family. Open a Highway 65 branch in LA, write her memoir somewhere or ANYTHING else. We would hear about her from time to time and whenever Deacon and the girls won’t appear – know it’s because they went to see her or she came for a visit. Bring her back for the series finale and we’ll call it a day. After all, bi-coastal marriages are also a reality, not just death and agony.
    After all that, I wonder who a TV story belongs to? The writers? Actors? Producers? Fans?

    Specifically on Nashville, fans were led to believe it belongs to all of us. We, the fans brought the show back to life, as they keep saying to us, and now the creators do their part.

    But that isn’t true, because the story of ‘Rayna Jaymes’, the character that made me feel so powerful in my own life, ended in a way that made me feel powerless. ‘Rayna Jaymes’ is dead and Nashville turned in my head to an alternate universe whose reality I fight to reject.

    Stories matter. Images matter. Endings matter. ‘Rayna Jaymes’ matters.
    So ‘Nashville CMT’, Callie Kouri, Connie Britton and everyone involved, from the bottom of my broken heart I thank you for the journey and inspiration. I wouldn’t have had it any other way. But now, I need to go away.

    You see, the way you all chose to end Rayna’s journey creates a story I can’t accept and choose to reject. I need to take my power back and write my own alternate ending to this glorious ride. One I can live with and more importantly, one that enables for the Raynas of the world to live happy lives for many more years to come.
    I’m sorry, but the song isn’t finished. Not even close.

  • whiskeyfrogsIt was definitely the only realistic option man
  • whiskeyfrogsAnd you can choose to reject it all you want but it happened
  • whiskeyfrogsHonestly it was the only thing that really honoured the character. Anuthing else wouldve been a betrayal.
  • whiskeyfrogsYou keep saying that the writers couldve made other things work or whatever. But honestly they couldnt have. It would have just been wrong. And I say this as a writer. It is more important to make a hard decision and honour a character, than to betray that character to make other people happy. Thats how art works. You stick to the art you created, the art you believe in, even if it hurts. Even if it pisses some people off. In the end it's the right thing to do.
  • nashville_4ever@threecowboysandababy Sorry, I disagree.
  • sbraafheid@nashville_4ever I totaly agree!! For me the show is also not the same anymore and a big fat b*#%$slap in the face for the fans! Thnx for sharing 👌
  • nashville_4ever@threecowboysandababy I'm a writer as well. I've been doing it for many years and I think their decision did the opposite. It set the ground for futurplots about her family but didn't honor her character. Not even close.
  • grohshaffeI was devastated by the latest show and Rayna's death. I have decided that I will not watch any new episodes, as I cannot bear to watch the devastation of Deacon, Maddie, and Daphne. I LOVE the characters and I just don't have the heart to watch their pain play out. Maybe there will be a happy ending, but I just can't wait to see if that happens.
  • elizabeth_carey25@nicw0776 @a_hanson_sf
  • whiskeyfrogs@nashville_4ever Rayna never would've left that would have been a total betrayal.
  • nashville_4ever@threecowboysandababy I don't think she would have left as in break up with Deacon and abandoned her girls. But especially when they construct the show so that they focus on 2-3 stories every time they could have made it so that she would spend a lot of time out of time and come for guest appearance. She's already doing them anyway...Only now we'll get her in flashback or dreams instead of alive. There are many ways to do it. In today's world, especially when she's not just a housewife but also a businesswoman and an artist there are many reasons why families spend lots of time apart. They could have done it, focus on other characters while we know she lives off screen, bring her back for the series finale and end of story. Death is never the only option. It's sad to think in today's world the only way for a woman to not be full time mother and wife is to die. When the show just started there was a scene where the girls asked her if she'll be home for Thanksgiving and she wasn't sure she will cause she was on the road. Suddenly she's restricted to the house? They could have constructed the season 5 story to lead up to her forced to spend more time away. But no, instead we got a stalker, second car crash and horrid death. Sorry, I can't subscribe to that vision nor accept it was the only way
  • melaniemurphymyer@threecowboysandababy @grohshaffe @nashville_4ever I don't watch the show; I only found these posts because of the #grief hashtag. But the pain of an abrupt ending to a beloved character's life in a way that doesn't work for the viewers sounds a lot like my life right now - real life. I understand not wanting to accept the writer's choices (in my case it's refusing to accept the choices of God or the universe or fate or science or whatever it is that decided to end my daughter's life). I don't accept it. So I totally understand someone rejecting a story with such a turn, refusing to watch anymore, and being angry. That's how I feel - I don't want to go on with my own story without Caety just like some of you don't want to go on with the Nashville story without Rayna. And music - I can't listen to music anymore at all; too painful. The "writers'" decisions ruined music for me.
  • whiskeyfrogs@nashville_4ever I'm not implying that a woman has to be a full time mother. But Connie didnt want to be on only occasionally. She wanted to be off the show. Which meant either abandoning her family or dying. Now i didnt love the stalker thing and maybe it didn't have to be a car crash. But to honor the character she couldn't have lived.
  • addygrannyThe fans were cheated. Period.
  • nikabella_4@melaniemurphymyer so very sorry for your loss, especially since yours was your actual daughter Caety!! Your pain must be unbearable...What an amazing amount of compassion and understanding/and/or rejection of understanding you have. It's beyond brave of you to share ...Thank you for your words.
  • nikabella_4@nashville_4ever I will read you Alternate ending ~or beginning for Rayna and Deacon!!! WRITE IT!!!
  • nashville_4ever@melaniemurphymyer Thank you for sharing and I'm so, so sorry for your loss!! The writers in any dimension sure can be cruel and unjust. Sending lots of love, strength and healing energies your way ❤❤
  • melaniemurphymyer@nikabella_4 @nashville_4ever Thank you 💞
  • nashville_cmt@cochranclaudia1
  • nashville_cmt@portydorty25
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