• iskra(This post is regarding Eating Disorders & recovery NOT the fitness industry / or weight loss)

    Please read before passing judgement as this is NOT me telling you NOT to post before and afters or diminishing the achievements and accomplishments of those who are proud of their journeys. I love seeing people celebrating how far they've come and totally get why (myself included) choose to post before and afters.

    But let's open the discussion..... #BoycottTheBefore was started by @soworthsaving and I'm so proud to be part of this movement.

    I myself have felt the pressure to post before and after pics to validate that I too suffered... but that's not right. We do not need to prove that we struggled, we do not need to feel like anyone may have struggled more or less because maybe there before and after photos aren't as "dramatic". It's not even about that, it's always about how far you've come so @boycottthebefore is here to celebrate YOU right now! To celebrate how far you've come and maybe how far you still have to go - there is no perfect recovery & everyones is completely unique.

    I do however want to say I'm not against posting before and afters, I have done so too and will be keeping them up. However this is also a really great message and I hope to see lots of of you tagging me in your pics (I've shared pics of those who tagged me just swipe to see)... I'm forever inspired by the recovery & bopo communities and I'm grateful for every single person who empowers each other and shares their beautiful unique spark with us all.

    To read @soworthsaving blog post about this movement go to @neda or http://proud2bme.org/content/eating-disorder-comparison-photos-boycott
    #NEDA #everyBODYisbeautiful (bikini is @aerie)
    No makeup no retouching #aeriereal

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  • _emily.15I think before photos are beautiful. They show where you once were and where you may not want to be again, they also show the journey you have been on and continue to be on.
  • little.allni mean you're hot af, i dont see why you think you're a before photo
  • joshchavo88Or, or...just throwing this out there, people can post whatever the hell they want on THEIR SOCIAL MEDIA, and people can be adults about what they let affect them. Why do we have to be attaching qualifiers and disclaimers to everything now? At what point does it stop being "don't say or do this because it'll make people feel ___" and it becomes "be an adult and just live your life and stop worrying about what other people are doing and saying and focus on you"? Like geez, now posting "before pictures" is a damn issue. Christ🙄😑😒
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  • bunbun369As a man - we don't face the same pressures that women do where body image is concerned. With every female friend, sister, partner and mother - I have only advocated being healthy. So to avoid HFCS, Trans-Fats, MSG and Aspartame - eat whole foods and get 30 min of walking or other exercise. And how you look, is how you look - no one size fits all. And being healthy is beautiful to me. Keep up your good work.
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  • laurensummermodeling@assadmodelingandfitness how it's done
  • nkerns551Yes you are!!
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  • melkleins@madddssss.k I love the swim suit style in the first pic!!! Wish I looked as good as her 😭😭
  • melkleins@madddsss.k wrote ur name wrong
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