• thewanderfullyfeThe perfect blend of beauty and barrels - El Salvador (a country recently issued a travel warning for by the US Department of State) provided us with possibly the warmest greeting we've experienced on the road thus far... Some food for thought 🤔👌🏽
    Blogs soon to come!
    Let us live... #thewanderfullyfe

  • jordhammondThis looks like heaven 🙌🏼
  • richinframesLove the view dang so so good
  • kiwisoffcourseGreat shot! We missed that place:(
  • obrienandoliveThis is so gorgeous 😍
  • morgane.boisnierGreat 😉❤✌
  • aulexandraLove it
  • 360honeymoonFirstly, I love your bikini Kelsey! Secondly, definitely food for thought! I hate how some countries are made out to be so terrible by the media. Our motto is go there, and see for yourself. Before going to Mexico everyone warned us of the dangers - not once did we feel threatened. In fact people were so friendly, and so kind. Even in the north, which is meant to be a no go area. 😉
  • vacationcoupleYou're giving us beach vibes!!
  • thedimetravelersThat's a really good point!!! It's good to keep in mind whatever the government is warning against, however we don't tend to avoid countries based on that alone as we find a more important aspect of traveling is to use common sense, just like you would when at home! 😊
  • floadventuresYou are on ,🔥
  • p_a_p_a_y_aSo Stunning
  • offshoretalesGorgeous shot!
  • finduslostThat wave looks like fun!
  • gingeronthewayBeautiful beach 😍 I was nearby - to El Tunco 😉👍🏻🌴
  • vbsurfsessionsSuch a nice wave!
  • surfmermaidcThat tat♥️
  • digitalsumitDope
  • dode_travel🌊🦈🙃👍
  • _peiche🔝🔝🔝
  • leoaroundtheworldAwesome!!!
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