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  • cleverdeverGrand Rapids Right Now
    Snowy Michigan from my window. Ice skating on an overcast day, you gotta love the willingness to play outside in the snow. *She says from the warmth of the indoors."
    #puremichigan #Michigan #grandrapids #snow #iceskating #winter2017 #timelapse

  • cleverdever@ally41319 I'm sure I will, just no idea when yet! 😊
  • cleverdever@vadeboncoeur thanks for the tip! We just ate at Cinco de Mayo, also great veggie options. 😋
  • cutestsandgirlWelcome to the Mitten! Our little family just left GR and are headed back to the capital city. 😎
  • ally41319@cleverdever okie dokie. Thank you so much ☺
  • flxrentine.e_Juliana!😊 would you come to germany again? you've to visit all the beautiful places here. it's truly worth and you won't regret it ☺
  • jeycampbellPeople walk fast there. Lol. Ice skating outside is the best.
  • darkrompingowlOmg you're in Michigan?! Welcome to the most weather-insane state! 😂 Best day to be here with the snow after the storms last night!!
  • katelyn2317Welcome to the mitten! GR is the best! So cool people from my favorite tv show ever are in my state! 😃
  • catherinemacomberLooks cold.
  • billiejolaitinenHey you should come to Grand Rapids Minnesota...
  • real.emi.23Wow😳 looks cold❄️ But beautiful! Can you skate?⛸ It's difficult for me skate.😅😂😂👍
  • castlekayWelcome to my hometown!
  • castlekayGrand Rapids has one of the best Frank Lloyd Wright homes you can tour. Highly recommended.

    Also if you like bowling, you and Seamus are invited to come to 5 Lakes Brewing Company at 3:30 tomorrow. Beer, wine, food, bowling, and cool people. 😉
  • cindyleeheeSo you don't skate?
  • 1clemsonmomYeah, leaving the 808 Sunday night for Atlanta...It's been 20 days & 3 islands... but my weather in South Carolina shouldn't be too bad! Enjoy MI!! Stay warm! Aloha 🤙🌺
  • smoothrayneMichigan weather sucks....lol
  • lindsay_dolencePlease come to Pittsburgh
  • lindsay_dolenceand this is an amazing shot!! It's beautifull😻😻😻
  • our_unsung_heroesCome visit me please! I live in Whitmore Lake and actively participate in my high school Drama club in Dexter! I'd love to meet you both, it would be a dream, pleasure and greatest honor! You have both changed my life in so many ways and continue to do so every day
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