• booksfordessert"Always before he had managed to swap guilt for blame of circumstance or enemy, but now his accusing finger bent like a comedy pistol and aimed at his own heart. It was an interesting pain, but a pain nevertheless."
    - John Steinbeck, Sweet Thursday.

    Book no.11 was #SweetThursday. Cannery Row is my favourite #JohnSteinbeck novel, and this is the sequel. I really enjoyed it, like all of his stories! But this time I don't want to talk about the story as much as I want to talk about the book itself - I found this 1955 The Reprint Society edition at a charity shop this week. It cost only 15 cents so of course I couldn't leave it behind! Great was my surprise when I opened the book and found a bunch of handwritten notes and newspaper clippings.

    As far as I can tell, they are all from the same time period and the book must have belonged to a woman who was ill. There's a "World Books" bulletin and order form, a sheet of paper with instructions on how to knit a cardigan, a note about the medicine she should take when in pain, and a rather creepy operation consent form: "I hereby certify that I give permission to . . . to perform a surgical operation on me, and I give my consent to the removal of any part or parts, which in his opinion are diseased and detrimental to my well-being."
    There's also a newspaper clipping about some Dr. John Hansen from Tully who had just married a Paula McKee - I'm guessing that he might have been the doctor who was going to operate.

    I will never know who this woman was and what happened to her, but I will treasure this book and its contents.

    Have you ever found something like this in a book? Would love to hear your stories!

  • gatesywriterGreat! 👌
  • a.labyrinthed.thoughtYou stumbled on a treasure my friend! 👌
  • unfinishedbookshelfWow! What an amazing thing to find. It would be amazing if you could one day discover who this woman was.
  • whatisitaboutbooksThis is wonderful! I love finding things in my books. The best I have found is a script for a play with a letter from someone who I think was involved in a production of it along with a programme from that production. It featured Judi Dench and Sheila Hancock when they were schoolgirls!
  • artfulreaderOh all kinds of things; receipts,bookmarks,articles related to the book,postcards and once a watercolour painting(small and unframed but still). It's just the best surprise finding stuff like that.
  • thenobbylifeI have this book but didn't even realize it was a sequel to Cannery Row! Now I want to read it even more than I already did. 😆 beautiful photo, Paula! 💙
  • literaryjourneyI love Cannery Row and Sweet Thursday! Great cover and even better with all that stuff inside that told its own story.
  • lappola_verde@booksfordessert as long as I was an ancient Russian literature researcher I found many notes about death and the cattle - the general themes in the compilations remarks.
  • the.snow.child@thenobbylife me too!
  • the.snow.childThat is such a cool story. Thanks for sharing
  • les__livres__Amazing find! That cover!😍😍😍😍😍😍
  • alfandloulitOh, this is wonderful!! I love finding things and inscriptions inside a secondhand book!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️
  • thebooksatchelI just posted recently about finding train tickets in books. What a lovely find. I hope she had a good life though
  • life.in.fictionThis has inspired me to buy more secondhand, wonderful 😍
  • kstarnesI love this photo!! And that cover is 👌
  • kstarnesAnd the story is lovely! I love finding things in old books, although the most interesting things I have found are receipts and/or recipes clipped from newspapers or magazines. ❤
  • booksaurbateinThis truly is a great story. Hope you have more like these 😊
  • _____.lk._____Nice pic🌸
  • mylittlebooktique@booksfordessert I love the set!!! I also found some tea cup set but mine is not as pretty as yours!! Is there any more to come? Can't wait to see if there are! 🙈😍😍
  • mylittlebooktiqueBtw that copy looks so gorgeous!
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