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  • outsidefoundAnd just like that, the bus drove on down the street and out of our lives. What a wonderful chapter the past two years have been.
    Watching Kyle & Kallie drive away in our baby was such a bittersweet moment. We are sad to see the bus go but SO HAPPY that we are passing it on to two people who will love it as much as we have. We can't wait to hear about all of their adventures and wish them the absolute best. Happy trails!

  • outwestbusSad to see the bus go. Do they have an IG we can follow?
  • outwestbusI'm starting my journey as soon as my conversion is complete. Headed out on a two month round trip Denver to Fairbanks, AK and back.
  • yennadawnBittersweet!
  • outsidefound@outwestbus they don't yet, but we will post it whenever they get it running!!
  • womanchief11Just rolled past us on I 90 East...best wishes to the new owners. Woohoo...Life a Daring Adventure
  • outsidefound@knossboss ^^
  • nicksmarto@outsidefound followed your adventures together over the past couple years, wishing her a great new life. The vehicles we love always keep a bit of our essence.
  • fetsywetsySad! Can't wait to see their adventures! And also looking forward to your new adventures too!! :)
  • brooksbostickDo you think they'd be ok if I slept on their couch??? 😜
  • outsidefound@brooksbostick I mean... you already know where everything is. They wouldn't even know you're there!! ;)
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