• epicaofficialAaaaand another one to remember! #epicalive #epica #partytime #ekaterinburg ❤️🍷🎶🎊☑️ The Russian legion is growing every night!

    Tomorrow: #stpetersburg

  • mari_gpewaiting for you in Mexico 😆
  • onlydarjaback to Moscow, please...😅 I need to be rehabilitated and hug you all😳🙏somebody, tell Rob, Coen and Arien that I love them with all my heart❤ and Simone, Mark and Isaak, of course!💕
  • dragonreborn55familiar room, was there at the last concert, thanks Epica!!
  • dmitrygrindthanks a lot for the incredible show! it was for sure one of the best performances I've ever seen! have no words to describe how magnificent you were today! please come back someday, we love you so much!
  • parsifal_05See you guys on wednesday🤘😄
  • stasleggarThank you for your great show! It was magical! Looking forward for your next visit to Ekaterinburg! Thanks!!! 😍
  • naylinmikamiÉxitos😘
  • bjorn1488This is AMAZING!!! THANKS!❤❤❤❤
  • saksinyaThank you for the fun!!!
  • olivier_ayache63Come to israel ! Please
  • avalonbreeze_Ay puta vida LOS AMO
  • bassposseThank U so much for amazing show! We love U and wait U again!!
  • oordoppen🎶
  • veliakmanonlineTürkiye'ye gelin amk
  • frozen_feeling__Thank You for playing old songs and for this unforgettable gig, it was freaking awesome! 💞
  • hodikovartyom1985Thanks guys, it was impressive!
  • pavelsmolin_Thank you for amazing show! I've been there!!
  • 0smolovskiyThank You guys, it was awesome! You've made my 2017! Hope to see u again in next tour
  • haust_engillIt was great show!!!
  • mogilazhlyIt's a best show in 2017-2016. Thank you!
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