20qr/7sgd 💇‍♂️ bye.
  • prettymanly20qr/7sgd 💇‍♂️ bye.

  • notsheikhThey even have a service to hold your wallet for you during your haircut?
  • prettymanlyThey often get customers that run away after getting a haircut. Bit of insurance for them. @notsheikh not the safest for us customers but they have amazing reputation so 🤷‍♂️
  • dyldonvitoOr they can actually ask the customers to pay first before they cut.. Like QB house/EC house here in Sg! Go suggest to them! You can change their lives forever!
  • prettymanlyHaha bad joke. that guy is hiding is own wallet la @dyldonvito
  • dyldonvito@prettymanly ahahahaha idiot!
  • jackie181Eh suppose to wait for me la....
  • prettymanlyI go every 2 wks bro we go again @jackie181
  • jackie181Ok enjoy the utd game!!
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