• sixers_army#RaiseTheCat
    Team Leading Stats:
    PTS: 25-Covington
    AST: 8-Sergio & TJ
    REB: 11-RoCo & Dario
    BLK: 5- Holmes
    STL: 4-RoCo
    *Dario for ROTY don't @ me
    *Holmes records his first double-double of his career the game after Nerlens is traded 🤔🤔🤔🤔

  • steezerastill wish it was Okafor instead of Nerlens
  • joeltheprocess@dunkin_donuts_is_life it is
  • jake.hallinan@steezera ur just a hater smh. We gave away Noel for a reason. We didn't want to pay him a mac contract with stars like Simmonds, Dario and Embiid.
  • steezera@jake.hallinan no I'm not a hater I love this team with all my heart, I understand the contract complications and I'm saying that in a perfect world I wish we could have traded Okafor instead bc we doesn't seem to be thrilled about the team
  • petrilli_danielI just think Holmes is a lot better than Noel. I respect Noel for his time and what he did for the Sixers! But Holmes is pretty much the new Noel.
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