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  • madonnaProphecy.........I made this film with Steven Klein over 10 yrs ago. . Reading from the book of Revelations. 🌍🌏🌎⏳⌛️🎲🍇🔥 @stevenkleinstudio

  • karinette_13127My favorite ...
  • theatre_des_vampireReinvention Tour! Fuck yeah!
  • meltem8767@alfhaddad thanks
  • shnnnstarkLove it Madonna! You have such an amazing heart. Your music always makes me happier
  • artniamhcoco💘🙏🏿💘🙏🏿💘🙏🏿💘🙏🏿💘🙏🏿💘🙏🏿💘
  • shimastar_❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ 🖌🎨❤️#Shima⭐️️ love and hope you bring to the world ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
  • martines_plLove It !!!!😘
  • fabiodor😍❤❤
  • godsreapingsoldierI wonder if they have brought you to the light about the truth about those that are mentioned in this book or do they keep you in the dark still? Do you truly know who you are? I do not mean the woman or the artist. I mean the soul which is older than the pyramids. I speak of a time before weapons. I speak of a time when we nurtured the land and brought life to it and never death because we knew nothing of evil. Do you know that the four are already here in the bodies of humans? Have you seen them? Do you know you were drawn to this book because you are a part of it? Or do they still keep you in the dark? Do you remember who you are?
  • mateusdiniz9110 years? Re invention was not in 2004?
  • thurmgerm11@princesshaywee
  • princesshaywee@thurmgerm11 omg babe🤔🤔🤔
  • 7croatiansensation7Great beyond Great.!! 😍
  • anthonyprendezI was a gay boy brought up in a Baptist church... amazing job with captivating what was needed... Bravo.. Ant.
  • ahkenatonRevolution of love....of freedom
  • amywaz@stefdequardo Love this @Madonna art by @stevenkleinstudio
  • gbrcstmlanListen what i'm saying i'am the unic and real messiah...
  • ericmitchellartistThis is amazing, to see it live at the San Jose show for the RITour was INSANE ... mind 💥 BLOWN
  • ericmitchellartist@mateusdiniz91 it was an exhibition that Madonna did with Steven Klein... then later it was brought to the masses via the Reinvention tour ... when I saw the art works before blown away. Being post 9/11 and all!
  • queenmom__❤️
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