• morgannorrisOh haaaaaay brunch crew. I may be tired but I am not off my game. #mimosasangria #brunchprep #napweekend

  • stacimcnealYummy! Any chance you'd share that recipe?
  • jvf7585Hahaha 👌🏻
  • morgannorris@stacimcneal * 1 orange
    * 1 lemon
    * 6 oz. blueberries
    * 6 oz. strawberries, chopped
    * 3/4 c. peach schnapps
    * 3 c. orange juice
    * 1 bottle champagne (sparkling wine), I used a Ballatore Gran Spumante
    1. Slice the orange and lemon into thin slices.
    2. Place the raspberries, blueberries, lemon and orange slices in a large pitcher.
    3. Pour the peach schnapps in.
    4. Refrigerate the mixture 3 hours or overnight.
    5. Right before serving, pour in orange juice and champagne and stir. Over time the champagne will lose it's bubbles.
    6. Pour into glasses, and serve!
  • morgannorrisAlso @stacimcneal if you're wondering who actually has peach schnapps on hand...it's your grandmother. And also me 😊
  • plumejoliedesignsThis looks verrrrrrrrrrry delicious 👌🏻
  • plumejoliedesignsI'll invite myself over for the leftovers (assuming there are some...)
  • laurenkd123🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
  • kristibjornaasI'm going to go ahead and invite myself to this brunch
  • kristibjornaasAlso - you must share the secret to being able to participate in brunch!
  • morgannorris@kristibjornaas we have an MC in our neighborhood with five families and we do a big meal together once a month. There are 10 adults and 16 kids...brunch has become a great time because the kids are in a way better state than they are on Friday after work/school at 7pm or even Sunday at 5. And who doesn't love brunch food??? Each family hosts (does everything...all the prep, cooking, cleanup, etc.) twice a year and we take two months off in the summer! It's the best! Come at 10 and have a leisurely meal and take kids home at 2 to rest! 👌
  • morgannorris@plumejoliedesigns you come right over!
  • jasonbafilephotographyI enjoyed wandering through your Instagram 😃 Keep crushing it!
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