• nikkiburdineWhen I first moved to Washington, D.C. in 2006, I was fresh out of college and and clueless. I wanted to work in DC, but knew I had to move away to get some rookie experience. After venturing out to WHAG in Hagerstown for a few years and then heading down to LEX18 in Lexington, I hoped I would be able to finally make my move to the District.

    I found my home at WUSA9. I worked in one of the best cities in the world with some of the best in the business (and in life). I accomplished what I came here to do – to report the news in DC. I covered some incredible stories: the Pope’s visit, the landmark same-sex marriage decision at the Supreme Court, riots after the death of Freddie Gray in Baltimore, protests across DC, a press briefing in the White House, a Medal of Honor ceremony, the Philadelphia train derailment, fence jumpers at the White House, the Vice President’s home, happenings on The Hilll, Snowmageddon, the election, the inauguration of President Trump, and of course, several animal stories in between.

    Now it’s time for me to fulfill another dream: telling stories in my home state.

    Today is my last day at WUSA9. It was not an easy decision to leave WUSA9, DC and all the people I’ve been lucky enough to call friends, but I am so excited for my next step— anchoring and reporting at WKRN in Nashville, TN!
    The stars lined up for this job in so many ways, it was just too perfect to pass up.

    The District of Columbia will always have a place in my heart. And I will most certainly come back to visit often, because DC, you’re beautiful.

    Thank you for letting me tell your stories, DMV.

  • blondebloggerGod bless you in your new ventures, Nikki! You will be missed! 💗
  • busdriver179Fantastic!! Best of luck! Safe travels. You won't be too far away so keep in touch. I'll wave hello when I'm passing through town.
  • dougfunfotofunGood luck! Sad to see you leave DC (and American U) but Nashville is pretty great! Good luck!
  • alys_whip_gainesYayyyyyy!!!!! Come home!!!! 🤗
  • anetramarieI'm sooo proud of you Nikki! You will do so great there!
  • grandpappytCongratulations !! 🎉 The #BBN will be coming to Nashville very soon ! See Ya There ! 😉
  • thestephieroseCongrats!!! You've done so well in your career, it's always exciting to watch your next move!
  • randomallisonWell yay! We love WKRN! Happy to have you in our home! 😘
  • mikecarterconneenI'll miss seeing your friendly smile and swapping stories out in the field. Congrats and cheers to you!
  • messhall75Good luck Nikki...DC is losing one of the great ones, but certainly exciting times in your future. Can't wait to come visit you and J down in TN!!
  • brentstagramsNiice! Welcome back!
  • grantfriedmanCongratulations Nikki!
  • avajoye❤️
  • leahlondon😍😘❤️#WSO
  • djb9580You and @joshbreslow back at it again! Lexington misses you both!
  • ahampsterOh hell ya. This is awesome!!
  • ohh_livy_ahhcongrats Nikki!! i'll be down in Tennessee soon ☺️🙃
  • bethpaige99Congrats Nikki. Nashville is a great city!
  • tomturkGonna miss you Burdine! As my moms a Burdine from New Orleans every time you were on or near I gave her a thought. So we will miss you but heading back to where folks talk like us is just dad gum cool. #BigGumboLove @nikkiburdine we will see you around the SEC events
  • mimi_steph82Yaay so excited you'll be back in the Volunteer State!!! Woohoo!! @nikkiburdine
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