How he gon stand there with his donk looking like it's the last corner piece of Thanksgiving sweet potato pie that I know I better not touch or I'll get cut by my auntie?

How he gon pose like this he don't know this the  pose that's gonna make women risk it all to trash his marriage like a raccoon does a garbage pail? 
This the kind of pose that got heaux all over the world trying to slide in his DMs the way Tom Cruise did across the living room floor in "Risky Business." This the kind of pose that got you waking up at 3:16am, mad AF at your boo sleeping next to you for not looking this good. 
This the kind of pose that make you convert to Buddhism and got you like, "A'ight, bet. I'mma about to come back in another life as a pant pocket on a pair of Brooks Brothers slacks in Trudeau's closet." This picture right here gon have people plan a road trip to Canada and just write "Justin Trudeau" on a map as the destination like his first name is the longitude and his last name is the latitude. 
Bless this photo, bless his body, and bless my eyeballs for being able to witness it. 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 #YQY #JustinTrudeau #EverydayIsButtAndThighDayInTheTrudeauHousehold #ThisPostIsHighKeyDisrespectful
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