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  • ponyforprezSo early this year, @rbccpx joined my gym and told me that I should start doing squats so that I can have a Kim K ass. YAS.
    But yep I couldn't squat to save my life. These days, I still can't squat to save my life—BUT I do think I'm getting better. Except I really still need to work on my form and focus on increasing weight. For my squats I mean, not um, me.
    Once I perfect this shit my next goal: Kim Bok Joo. 💪🏻

  • rbccpxwaowao
  • nickklooTake off the weights and learn how to do a squat without weights first..... ☝🏻
  • nickklooGood effort though...
  • ponyforprez@nickkloo ya lor was practicing how to squat without weights first, then just the bar. Not super used to doing with weights yet. And my knees seem to be still too forward?
  • clxsyGogogo!!!
  • nickklooThe knees will be slightly forward even when you are squatting correctly. Do without the bar first because your upper body posture is not right and will affect whats going on at the lower part.
  • nickklooYour shoulder and upper back mobility is very poor thats why you have such a great arch at the lower back.
  • ponyforprez@nickkloo woo teach me senpai!!! Which gym do you go to?
  • nickklooHahaha bishan gym. This is my rice bowl...
  • ponyforprez@nickkloo ya sia I have this issue. What exercises do you recommend?
  • ponyforprez@nickkloo wait for me to earn more I hire you as my PT ✨💪🏻
  • nickklooOi text me laaa
  • phangsaizhuaTurning into #Fitspogram.
  • deejaymichLOL KIM BOK JOO
  • jeanettechingMuscles!!!
  • smalleyesswagNvr ask @darknigel teach you
  • serenagohSteady lar!!!
  • epicmomadventuresKim bok joo! !!!!!❤❤❤
  • mingyuan_liu🌞
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