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  • amyrachellekingπŸŽ¬πŸ“ΈπŸ˜„ Here's a chance to to get to know us a little better! Let's have some fun with this!
    Facebook: Dillon& Amy King
    Youtube: The Kings
    Thanks for following our journey!

  • kristiann77I love your style amy. What look is your favorite? Do you have certain looks that inspire yours?
  • azcristyn@amyrachelleking that is exactly what my husband and I did! We learned so much though our travels and had so much fun! It made being parents that much more precious ❀️
  • galkabazCan not find u on YouTube....
  • yougottalove_cat@amyrachelleking I love ur mindset, enjoy ur husband because when children arrive ur focus will be geared towards them.
  • chwawagirl@amyrachelleking Enjoy and take your time! No rules about having kids😊And if you choose not to, its perfectly ok!!!!
  • gingersrock1118You both have an amazing outlook
  • haileeburchyou guys are the best role models ever
  • ginamariebeltI was going to comment on that hair @kingdillpickle!
  • devotedone85Love u guys keep it up. We don't have kids either and been married a while we love it just being us. Don't rush it
  • bakedvegan_You guys are so cute!
  • gottolovethemI don't have facebook
  • chas_bensonI love seeing how you all rise against all the negativity that has been thrown your way! I love how you are your own person and is not who others want you to be! I do have a question for you both. What is the number one thing you value most in a successful marriage that isn't your typical value?
  • alyssamarie_westYou guys are the cutest.
  • thelifeof_waAlright awesome!!! Thanks sooo much! For the comment!!!!
  • sonjlynnz@amyrachelleking don't feel the need to justify your choices. I think traveling and experiencing married life before you have kids is SO important. I wish I had done more of that before having kids. You do you and don't worry about the rest. ☺
  • jullz1177Please take suggestions and questions sometimes on IG. I stay away from FB as much as possible (personal family reasons). Please consider at least a weekly IG post for questions. Thanks & God Bless! @amyrachelleking @kingdillpickle
  • honeybear_homestead@amyrachelleking Check out other vloggers & how they do content. Personally enjoy the day to day ones that show real life (even if edited), the showy ones are just too off the wall & not as enjoyable imo. Some great vloggers I follow The Michalaks, The Saconne-Jolys, Zoella, all British but make watching fun & edit in creative ways.
  • honeybear_homestead@amyrachelleking yes you're still young, enjoy life before babies! Smart!
  • alyson.eliseLove you two!! Where do you see yourselves in 10 years?? #youtubetopic
  • camden_collins1I would love to see a vlog about marriage and dating @amyrachelleking
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