I walk past this baby blue building every Sunday on my way to buy a book. I always stop, look and listen. Where there's a road, there are cars. Where there are trees, there is birdsong. Glad that I live am iWalk 🚶🏽#Thankful #Gladsome #ALifeInLetters #Mozart #OnASunday #GreenCrossCode
  • nickheywardI walk past this baby blue building every Sunday on my way to buy a book. I always stop, look and listen. Where there's a road, there are cars. Where there are trees, there is birdsong. Glad that I live am iWalk 🚶🏽#Thankful #Gladsome #ALifeInLetters #Mozart #OnASunday #GreenCrossCode
  • nickheyward@johnnyechoecho It's complicated as his music is simple. Really well put together by Penguin Classics. Chronological order 📝
  • johnnyechoecho@nickheyward I shall seek it out forthwith. 👍
  • becky.florenceDid you get to see this building today ? ...buy a book ? ....gather sticks ? I love Sundays. :-)
  • nickheyward@johnnyechoecho Go carefully Johnny. It may be like rummaging through some geezer's domestic emails for you 😂
  • nickheyward@becky.florence I did. Took photos of the building from different angles. It's empty up close. Four books today, no less! No sticks but acupuncture needles. One right in the third eye made me fly 🕊 still swimming with love 🏊🏽 That building....
  • nickheyward@dorothy_cricket No, I'm fine for the asking, Dorothy. It felt like a secret at the time but with the crystal clear benefits of hindsight it was the sudden end of despair, frustration, woe and self pity. And tonight Matthew, I'm going to be light ✨👀 Well I never, I thought. Blow me down I need to find out what on earth has happened here. All of a sudden I love everyone and everything. So I went to the book shop in Kingston and.... anyway, a long story I'll probably write about at some point. You get the idea though, it was my suffering that make ME crack open to let it in and let it out. Becoming one with everyone and everything, especially nature 🌲 So I highly recommend despair, frustration, woe and self pity. They're great! 👌🏽
  • dorothy_cricket@nickheyward, thank you for sharing. Does it help to know your music helps others cope with their despair? It always seems to be the best, most sensitive, and wonderful people who struggle. So glad you have come through feeling well!! Please continue to spread your love and light!
  • nickheyward@sharonlhanley I feel you Sharon. Let it all out. I didn't at both my parent's funerals. Huge lesson learned - that's what funerals are for Nicholas!
  • nickheyward@therealgwynnevere Oh wow, what an honour. Thank you for saying such lovely things. All completely appreciated. And guess what, I was told of somewhere today that may just be the perfect venue for the FFF. So I'm enquiring. So thanks again @therealqwynnevere great idea 💡
  • nickheyward@dorothy_cricket It does, yes. It's an honour and it's mutual respect, as I have a long list of despair songs. I still feel all of those four emotions and more. It's part of the human condition. But now I have a door and the key to open it. Now I know that the way in is the way out and vice versa. I feel it fully and the bully dissolves. As I once read in my runs book, "Disowning feelings can wreak havoc on your wellbeing." So I dissolve it and evolve it. Pretty much like a fish bubble,
  • nickheyward🐠
  • nickheyward@dorothy_cricket Btw, that's "my runes book" 😂
  • therealgwynnevere@nickheyward oh mon Dieu, that would be more than splendid! I can't help but think Janus Live in downtown St Pete would be an ideal venue. To bring your music to the Bay Area, I'd gladly help to promote/ market however necessary. I can 100% get a street team together for this effort. Whatever would you dub this event of divine diddies?South of A Miracle"? "Postcards From my Second Home in Florida"? 😊☀️
  • comftyboldI live near Kingston, @nickheyward which bookshop? (unless you were in Jamaica...)😀
  • nickheyward@dorothy_cricket Saying that though, Dorothy. I'm making it sound easy and sometimes change isn't that. It can arrive in disguise and catch you unaware even when you think you're aware of it. "When you think you know everything you know nothing" Socrates. Now there's someone who know a thing or two about teaching.
  • dorothy_cricket@nickheyward if you were to play in florida I would ZOOM down from New York!!! Please give a little notice! I would just LOVE to see you perform live!!!! Gracious! What a treat that would be!
  • becky.florenceSocrates would be an interesting dinner party guest, wouldn't he ? (Except you'd have to know Greek). :-)
  • nickheyward@becky.florence "knew a thing or two" ☺️ Yes, we'd need an expert translator to follow him ✍🏽🕊
  • dorothy_cricket@nickheyward change is a clunky, clumsy adversary. Whether is adjusting to living without a loved one or an upgrade to my cell phone...I seem to stumble through it with absolutely no grace whatsoever. 🙃🤕😝😬
  • becky.florenceCould use Google translate but might be a bit slow. The food would get cold. :-)
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