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  • thebloggessI thought I was recording Hunter S Thomcat talking to me but turns out I was recording in slow motion and now my cat is super creeping me out.

  • punkpastelHunter S Thomcat speaks for SATAN!
  • socgrrrl70🦁
  • clich91@darcyj76
  • rivetergirlShut just got realz.
  • chelsquishbudOmg his demon voice!
  • librarianlisa5Sounds like a lion.
  • lovelylyndakSounds like a roar!
  • nandassi7Waiting for his head to spin around...
  • mishasan7Okay he does sound scary and threatening, but if he attacked you you'd have a good minute or so to get away.
  • red96ryderDon't mess with a ginger
  • lynetteniequistTiger tiger burning bright...
  • meganbubCan't sleep, tiger will eat me!
  • countesssunspotThat totally creeped my cat out.
  • krissym26Wait. So house cats are what lions/tigers would sound like on helium 🤔
  • inmatek8It's like, 4:30 in the morning here, and I have to stifle my laughter lol
  • awkwardlyaliveblogSee? Lions are just kittycats in slow motion
  • doodlebug_4383No no no you made it, like, a bazillion times more awesome.
  • bellasocksAckkk he needs an exorcism!!😈🙀
  • imjusthere.sometimesI wish I could save this, record it onto different devices, hide them around the house, around my friend's houses, put them on a loop at like 3am, and just watch my friends and family freak out. Actually, it's almost April...Hmmmm....maybe....I've got recorders to buy!
  • de_mimsyMeeeeRoooooarrrrr! 🐺🦁
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