Back in action (part-time)! Coffee + slippers included. ☕️📷
  • edibleashBack in action (part-time)! Coffee + slippers included. ☕️📷

  • noshandnourish❤💚❤
  • melaniemakesOkay, I want to know about the slippers as well as I've had my eye on them forever!
  • alyssasevs😍😍😍😍
  • edibleash@ohladycakes They rule!
  • edibleash@ohladycakes Haha, heck yes! Chris is home now 🙌🏼 but come April he'll be fully immersed in his school stuff, so I might take you up on that offer! 😘
  • flora_and_vino👌🏻
  • edibleash@leximaven @brooklynsupper @ohladycakes @melaniemakes @flavias_flavors The slippers are awesome! I wanted a pair that weren't too bulky or hot and that gave me good traction on carpet and wood floors. They're cozy but definitely more shoe-like feeling (which I also wanted). The only downside is that ankle socks seem to pull of when you wear them in the slippers. I haven't tried longer socks but typically wear ankle height. I feel like socks help avoid odor/sweat (haha gross) but neither have been too bad without them. Also, I'm always size 9 but had to return and order size 10. Overall, I love them and the quality is great!
  • edibleash@loseweightandgainhealth They're awesome!
  • edibleash@hollisanne_ Okayyyy!!!
  • reciperunnerUmm, can we talk about how cute and comfy those slippers look?!
  • rungryhealthcoachLove those slippers! I'm obsessed with mine!
  • edibleash@reciperunner they're @mahabis ! Love them!
  • katheatsI've had my eye on those slippers for ages! So great review?
  • vitatrain4lifeLove it 🙏 😄
  • edibleash@katheats Yes! Read what I wrote in the comments 👆🏼 if you didn't already! If no socks doesn't bother you (tho, thing long socks might be ok!) they're amazing! It's only after hours if wear or if I'm cleaning/cooking that my feet start to get clammy (likely from the rubberish padding). My feet run pretty cool, so if you tend to have sweatier feet I might not rec them. Customer service was great if you have any issues and they do have the cooler, summer version. I really wanted a slipper I felt safe in when carrying the baby around, that wouldn't catch on the carpet or be slippery on wood. You can also make them more minimal for indoors by removing the colored rubber part. They're so fun!!
  • tamaragleedWhat's the name of the slippers?
  • edibleash@tamaragleed @mahabis !
  • main_ingredientblogYum!
  • cookingwithkristina💛 💛 💛
  • allie_boltonYay!!!
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