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    Environmentalist Micheline Khan is a biology grad whose mission is to promote the responsible use of resources, share innovative scientific research, health and wellness information, and improve the quality of life for people and the planet. What started as a humble Facebook group has grown into My Little Green Foot, a platform to share eco information and resources, and guide enviro newbies with tips and advice. “Always believe in your potential and follow your purpose. Following your purpose is pursuing something outside of yourself. This path isn’t made for everyone, so it will be challenging. The long way is the shortcut.” – Micheline Khan

    When it comes to Micheline's advice to getting more women in STEM this is what she had to say: " I think the real issue is keeping women in science careers. Many women enter the field, but few remain. Representation matters. Having more role models for young women to look up to as well as having enough women in senior positions is crucial to making STEM fields more attractive to young women"

    To learn more about Micheline please visit http://bit.ly/STEMSparkMickyK
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