• themotherloveStay Human ❤️💓❤️ Mother Lovers, we won't lose sight of this message. It is worth its weight in gold. Can we talk about pee? You see..When my niece has to pee, I take her to pee in a girls bathroom even though she was born a boy. We here @themotherlove support #transgender humans. The other day, my friend @jessicashortall practiced her keynote speech she's giving @sxsw in a couple weeks on her work within the #lgbt community in #texas and it took me through a wave of emotions, for so many reasons but especially b/c she's a good story teller. Her detailed data rich story on crossing bridges ends by sending a brilliant message of #love. Love guys. Why is it so hard for us to get? Why is talking to each other with different political and religious views such a struggle? Talking to each other = learning and informing you in a way to choose what's right for you but also at the end of the conversation 🤝 and accepting it is ok to say 👉🏼 "Good for you, not for me." Rise up Mother Lovers, for each other. Be good to each other, expand, and stay human. 📷 @karleighdru_art 👀 on @sarahsophief

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  • lovevalgeisler"Good for you, not for me" is like every mother's battle cry. 👌🏼💕
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  • jenniferegbertAction is useful. Call your congress men and women. Don't let conservative rhetoric cloud and dismantle the safety of our children. Don't allow Trans Adults to be attacked in public places. We are talking about basic civil rights being taken away. Don't let that happen #protecttranskids #lgbt 🦄🦋🏳️‍🌈
  • lisaloandeGood for you not for me packs a mighty punch ❤
  • karleighdru_art💗💗💗💗💗💗💗
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