• hellosplendidblogFor quite possibly the first time ever, I left the store with everything I needed and without making multiple trips down aisles or going back and forth around the store trying to remember if chocolate chips were in the candy aisle or the baking section 💃🏻💃🏻💃🏻 And if I forgot something, it would be easy to ask Craig to get it on his next trip with Flipp’s new Family Sync feature. @getFlipp has Family Sync which lets you share a shopping list with your spouse (or anyone else) so you can cross items off as you go and never again debate about who was responsible for the strawberries. 🍓Moreover on Hello Splendid (link in profile) #FlipptoSave #spon

  • veenacrownholmOhhhh I need this app in my life!
  • lovestalgiaThat app sounds so amazing!!
  • classroomcoutureLove this casual look!
  • peachybrandofficial😍
  • malyn.logicUm...you look amazing!
  • lipglossandcrayonsOne of my favorite apps!
  • erinzieringThat sounds so amazing
  • treehousethreadsblogSounds like such a great app! Love your jacket!
  • stressedandblessedmamaHaha I know what you mean, I'm constantly forgetting things I needed at the store!! Also your outfit is suuuuper cute
  • hellomyloveblogLove it! We use an app like this too, I'll check this one out :)
  • themodmotherhood@hellosplendidblog miss you!! Coffee again?! I'm in town weekly, let's do it!
  • hellosplendidblog@themodmotherhood yes!! Pm me and hopefully we can figure something out
  • mommy.diaryWe are always forgetting one thing. This would be super helpful
  • cyngagenYou look so stylish and beautiful! And I LOVE Flipp. It's a time-saver and lifesaver!
  • withmotherlyloveThis sounds great! I almost always forget something!
  • michelle_rose_3@hellosplendidblog you're so pretty mama!
  • themamalovesSuch a brilliant service!
  • stheritupMaking momm-ing look easy! 👀
  • dasrozoLooking good mama and nice!
  • modern.modeSuper cool! You're like me, pretty eclectic set of tastes, but overall really nice aesthetic.
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