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  • kylethegirlLook what @justinwhitemusic bought me 😍 #pewpew @smithandwessongear

  • kmouski😍😍😍😍
  • leslieleeeIt's a beaut! I have the same one and love it.
  • leighleighgotgoalsNice!!!!
  • tlamaskI HAVE THAT ONE!
  • theaustintexasThat is nice!! I know that is easy to conceal too
  • allice_in_lalalandI love mine!
  • fitcoupletampaWe absolutely ❤ your page! #keepupthehardwork
  • idaho_nativeNice.
  • xiaobaozibaby🏃
  • phenymaxusaThat's what i call "awesomeness"
  • joeytheegirlMy bf just got me a glock 😍😍😍
  • ladycoiaI love America but....why do you all need guns? No wonder you have the highest rate of mass shootings!
  • kylethegirl@ladycoia the majority of people I know own guns, exactly 0 of them have shot someone or committed a mass shooting.
  • ladycoiaYour missing the point! If guns weren't so easily accessible to people, then the maniacs wouldn't get them! That is the reason America has so many shootings in comparison to other countries! I don't see the need for you all to have guns. It's stupid!
  • kylethegirl@ladycoia regardless of what you think America's problem is- telling me it's stupid for us to have guns isn't going to change anything. I went through the background checks, I took the classes, I am qualified, I have a license to carry, and I practice regularly. What would you like me to do? Would you like me to change the laws myself? Or would you like me to return my guns because you think it'a stupid?
  • ladycoiaNo obviously not, I just find it ludicrous how many of you have guns and how people are commenting on how beautiful it is as though it's a designer handbag?! No disrespect to you, or others, but I just don't get why you all need guns?! The reason the U.K. Etc does not have regular mass shootings like America, is purely due to the fact it is almost impossible to buy them here! Which I think America should consider doing! But each to their own
  • kylethegirl@ladycoia well ma'am I just don't know what to tell you. I carry mine for protection (from the crazies that have them) and I do it safely and legally. I don't know what to tell you about our laws here, I can't do anything about that. Sorry it upsets you.
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